Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First road trip

We went down to North Carolina for MrC's family reunion over the weekend. Our 4 hour road trip was quite peaceful. Judah knew he was in a new place and spent the weekend staring at everything and everybody. He got a chance to meet his great grandparents so I snapped a few photos because that's something I never got to experience. MrC's grandad is huge. He has the biggest hands I've ever seen. Look how tiny Judah looks next to him! MrC's grandma is the most talkative woman I've ever met and she goes on random tangents, you see Judah looking at me trying to figure out why  she talks so much? I was cracking up later because MrC and I were both trying to piece together a story she told us and neither of us knew what she was talking about. What we both heard made no sense. He's supposed to ask his momma to clarify it for us. It was a pretty good weekend, we're going back down next month for a wedding and hopefully we'll be able to stay a little longer.


sayitlikethis said...

Judah has already managed to master MamaC's faces! Lol. That first pic is CLASSIC!

Glad you took pics. Judah will thank you.

laughing808 said...

glad to hear Judah's first road trip went well.

indeed Judah looks tiny next to great grandpa......

Thanks for sharing the pics

Jameil said...

He's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I say him with great-grandpa, I was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!! TI.NY!!

InnerDiva said...

Wait just a minute! Judah's wearing shoes! How stylish is he??? How many pounds is he now?

Product Junkie Diva said...

Just too previous!!!
Happy baby and happy family!
Enjoy :-)

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