Monday, August 15, 2011

Football and shopping

On Friday night MrC and I went on a date to the Redskins/Steelers game. We had a blast! Judah stayed with my parents so we could have a grand baby free time. After the game we noticed that some people didn't take their souvenir cups with them. So we did what any self respecting married couple would do... we went around and picked them up. By the time we finished we had 10 cups and 12 popcorn buckets. Of course we sanitized them when we got home and MrC put together nice Redskins gift packages for his friends that are fans. 

Saturday, Judah and I got up and went for a long walk around the neighborhood. I just turned down whatever street was shady, this is a big neighborhood! During our walk I met an older lady that told me she just got back from a peach festival. I love peaches so I ran in the house, gave Judah to MrC and went to the festival. I got a peach smoothie and a hot dog. They had a barbecue pit set up but the line was longer than I was willing to endure. They also had cobblers and pies, but I don't believe in cooked fruit. I'm glad  got out early because it started storming like crazy. We've had quite a few huge storms the past few days. I'm glad we got the huge tree in front of our house cut down on Friday. It was right in front of Judah's room and we didn't want to risk a huge branch coming into his room one day. When Ms. Elvis across the street saw the tree was down she said to MrC "Y'all cut the tree down!? Thank God, it looked a mess." Well tell us how you really feel then!

Sunday I missed church because I overslept and was tired from dealing with a fussy baby Saturday night. My ma and sister came over yesterday afternoon and we decided to go to the outlets. Judah was really well behaved. My ma threw a mini tantrum: "I don't understand why MrsC won't just have another baby and give me this one." My sister and I just looked at her. That lady is crazy. We had dinner at Americantina and it was SO good. I got my favorite dish, tacos al carbon. They were the second best I've ever had. 


Jameil said...

Your weekend sounds MARVELOUS!! I'm sad you don't believe in cooked fruit!!!!!! OMG the joy of cooked fruit!!

Nerd Girl said...

I kind of want Judah too. Not another baby of my own - Judah.

No peach cobbler??? I feel as though you should come to California one summer and let my Grandma's tasty delicious peach cobbler change your mind!!!

Serenity3-0 said...

Well it sounds like you are just living it up. I would have never thought to get the souvenir cups but that was a great idea.
PS. I don't like cooked fruit either!

Anonymous said...

I simply LOVE that ya'll grabbed the souvenir cups and "repurposed" them!!! High five!!

A peach festival sounds fabulous!!! I shed a little tear upon hearing that you don't believe in cooked fruit. Peach cobbler and apple pie are DA BEST!!!

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