Monday, August 1, 2011

Clean it up!

SimplyB: I plan to nurse for a year. MrC had asthma when he was younger and I had really bad allergies. I want to help Judah in the health department as much as I can.
Nerd Girl: Skillet chicken- Get a seasoning that you like. I used a hot and spicy cajun style spice that I got from Ross. Cover your chicken with a lot of seasoning, I used chicken leg quarters. Get your cast iron skillet really hot. Add enough olive oil to coat the skillet once it's hot. Put the chicken in the skillet in the skillet, let it get browned nicely on each side and pop in the oven at 350 until the juices run clear.
I enjoyed that chicken so much I made 5 pieces and ate 4 (not all in the same day!) It was juicy and flavorful and easy.
My carpets and air ducts get cleaned tomorrow. That brings me so much joy I don't know what to do. Seriously, I can't stop thinking about it. Something about a professional clean just makes me giddy.
My parents came and helped us do some things around the house on Saturday. We were grateful for the help and have definitely learned you have to take the good with the bad. MrC had to stop my dad from murdering newborn squirrels that he thought were mice. Thankfully, my nature loving hubby saved the squirrels and helped their momma find them again so she could move them to a new home. MrC, my ma, and I were running from window to window watching the squirrel pick up her babies from our backyard and move them to my neighbors tree.
My ma and dad and I got in an argument about closets. I thought it was funny. My ma took the baby and just left the room to avoid hitting my dad with a hammer.
Me: *whispering to my ma* I don't think he knows what he's doing, that's not right
Ma: honey, that's not right
Dad: Yes it is, I know what I'm doing
Ma: No, that's not the way it goes
Dad: Yes it is. you do it this way so stuff can sit on the shelf. This ain't going nowhere, I got it in the studs, this is sturdy
Ma: Ok, but that's not how the shelf goes
Dad: Yes it is, this keeps stuff from falling off the shelf
Me: Daddy, that's upside down
Dad: No it isn't
Me: Yes it is
Dad: *rolls eyes and flips shelf over*
The shelf looked so stupid y'all. Even Judah knew it was upside down. I think my dad smokes crack in his spare time.
I have to renew my drivers license by my birthday on Thursday. I hope I have another good hair day tomorrow.
Judah has been super fussy during the day since Friday. On the flip side, he has been AWESOME at night. He'll eat before we go to bed, and then fall asleep on his own. He wakes up once during the night around 2 am. I feed him, put him back in his bassinet and then we go right back to sleep. He wakes up around 6, which is when I need to get up anyway and I nurse again and start my day while he goes back to sleep. I was talking to some friends at church and my friend's hubby summed it up best "I have to be awake during the day anyway, so cry all you want, just be quiet and sleep at night." Yes and amen. We've found a few positions that help keep him calm during the day, but hopefully this fussy phase will soon pass. I don't like to hear my baby upset.
I really loveeeee how everybody knows how to parent Judah except his parents. I took him in somewhere on Friday to drop something off for work. My coworker was demanding to know where Judah's blanket was. It was 100 degrees outside. I put his burp cloth over his legs and said that was his mini blanket. When I was at my parents house and Judah kept fussing my parents kept telling me to feed him. I knew he wasn't hungry, but after the 85th time, I just gave in. This is my dad every single time Judah whimpers:
Dad: He's growing, MrsC, he is growing
Me: Mhmmm
Dad: You're going to have to feed him more because he's growing.
Me: Mhmmmm
Dad: Go ahead and feed that growing boy, he is getting bigger
I swear to beans one day I'm going to yell, "of course he's growing, it's what healthy babies do. Shut the heck up. He'll be growing for the next 20 years, so I hand him sandwiches nonstop?"
After I fed him on Friday and he still was acting crazy I just looked at my parents waiting for their next bright idea. They finally shut up. I told them that baby wasn't crying from hunger.
I want a bissel steam and sweep for my birthday. I know my parent's aren't getting me anything, but maybe my MIL will be in a giving mood this week. Hmmmmm


Jameil said...

You and MrC were some lil sickly things. I picture glasses, suspenders and runny noses. I had year-round seasonal allergies as a child. Hot mess. That chicken sounds AWESOME!! As does a professional clean! I want one!!! I personally like the idea of you constantly handing me sandwiches. I mean Judah. I mean me and Judah. We like sandwiches. He doesn't yet. But he will. AUGUST BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!

Nerd Girl said...

Thanks! I'm going to try the chicken this weekend - if I can find a cast iron skillet by then.

Does your father know my father?!?!

Nerd Girl said...

The chicken was delicious! I don't have a cast iron skillet, so I browned it in one skillet and then transferred to a baking dish. Both Smoochy and Lovegirl were appreciative of my efforts :)

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