Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby at work

I took the baby to work with me today. He had a great time talking with my coworkers, but it seriously wore him out. I also got my cloth diapers today. I really need to up my supply if I'm going to go this route. I only have 5 of the kind I like.

Tonight MrC and I had a talk about house responsibilities. I've been super tired lately because I end up doing most of the daily house tasks. He does stuff when/if I don't. If I leave dishes in the sink for a few days, then he'll do them. After dinner, I think the dishes should be done immediately. We'll see if we can strike a compromise. My other issue is nighttime with the baby. MrC sleeps so hard so I don't expect him to get up in the middle of the night, but he can put the baby to bed and handle back pats. As I type this, MrC is on his 4th trip upstairs to pat the baby. I'm glad it's not me tonight!


Adrienne said...


Jameil said...

You wore that poor baby out! Me & R are having our own household discussions. Laaaawd!

Nerd Girl said...

He's so sweet! And I love that you can take him to work!

Yay for keeping those lines of communcation open. I wish I could say Smoochy and I have the household duties down pat, but we still have to have that chat ever so often and we've been in the game for a minute!!!

BK said...

ahhh the household discussions.. :)

you are very fortunate to be able to take him to work with you.. they would walk me out the door if I try that LOL

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