Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend we had a family road trip. MrC's cousin was getting married in Charlotte, NC so MrC, Judah, my sister and I went down to celebrate. The invitation said the event was formal and after trying on all my formal dresses on Wednesday night, I had to go shopping Thursday. Thankfully I didn't cry because my dresses almost fit.I'm back at an acceptable size and If I wanted to give up breathing, I could have made something work. Thursday I went to TJ Maxx and quickly realized I didn't know what I was doing, so twitter came to my rescue. I ended up trying on 20 dresses in TJ Maxx and Ross and then posted the dresses that actually looked decent on twitter for their opinions. I ended up buying 2 dresses and I let MrC pick the winner. I

A little before 4 Friday morning we started our road trip in the rain. After a stop at Denny's for breakfast and a short visit with MrC's grandparent's we rolled into the city at noon. Our room wasn't ready yet so we changed the baby out of his jammie's in the bathroom and decided to walk around for a bit and get lunch. As we were walking though one of the buildings I got a tap on my shoulder and it was one of my twitter pals @cocoisspeaking! I thought that was the craziest thing that we just so happened to bump into each other. Friday night we went to dinner with Val and Tyler. Somehow my sister and Tyler got into a math tournament. Tyler is smart y'all! That night my sister wanted to go out so I went with her. Y'all, I have never been to a club, allow me to share my experience with you. My sister thought it was the funniest thing and called her friends to tell them about her old married sister's night out.

It was early (cuz you know I have a baby to feed and all and I need my sleep) and we walked to the next block where there were 4 clubs. The first one was just 10 people sitting a bar. I had no idea why I needed to show my ID to get in there. We walked back out. The second place had a $10 cover charge. No sir. The next place was free until 11. As I was standing there getting my wrist band this man walked up on me and put his hand on my waist. No go! I jumped to high heaven and moved away. We went inside and had the pleasure of being the first people in the club so my sister gave me a tour. While we were standing there tweeting, dude walked up on me again and I screamed then looked at him and said "you better stop walking up on me or we're going to have a problem." He apologized and walked away. After about 10 minutes the girls in their finest club gear started coming in and I knew I needed to leave with my church dress and flats on. When we were walking out we saw security fighting the dude that kept walking up on me. They put him in a hold and walked him across the street and threw him on the ground. I think he was on some kind of drugs. We waited until he walked away before we started walking to avoid me having to attack him if he came near me again. We walked around downtown for a bit and then headed back in. My first night out on the town lasted all of an hour!

Saturday we met Jameil, Rashan and Chanel for lunch. We went to this place Jameil picked called Lupie's Cafe. Let me just tell y'all, the burger was delicious but the Oatmeal Butterscotch cookie I had for dessert was absolutely divine! I love cookies and that just may be my favorite cookie now. I will not rest until I can duplicate that cookie. Dear neighbors, you will be getting oatmeal butterscotch cookies for Christmas! After lunch my sister and I did a little shopping before going back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding left a lot to be desired. It was a rooftop wedding, sounds pretty, right? My sister and I had gone up on the roof the day before and couldn't figure out how on earth they were going to have a wedding up there in that tiny space. Apparently they hotel hasn't figured it out either. From most of the seats you couldn't see the wedding party, from some of the seats you couldn't see the bride and groom, and from all of the seats after the first 2 rows you couldn't hear anything. I love, love, love weddings and I cry at every single one, but this time I just sat there looking at the awful wigs that were in front of me. The bride looked stunning as I knew she would  though and the bouquets were peacock themed and wonderfully awesome. The reception turned out to be more of a cocktail reception meaning there wasn't enough seats for everybody. My feet weren't ready for that. After an hour I went back to the room and changed my shoes and I changed the baby into his pajamas because I saw he was getting sleepy. He ended up going to bed 1.5 hours early sitting in my sister's lap. He was fighting so hard to stay awake, poor thing. MrC's cousins stood by and commentated Judah's thoughts as he drifted off to sleep. The food didn't really go with what I thought a formal wedding was. One of the menu items was chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce. I ended up taking the breading off my tenders and putting the chicken in my pasta which was quite a tasty treat.

After the wedding we all went out bowling.  It was a ton of fun even though I learned my husband cannot bowl. At all. He bowled a 54. Even though he did awful, it was fun hanging with other young HAPPY married couples. I couldn't hang too late because the baby was in his grandma's room asleep and I needed to be back for his next feeding. He woke up as soon as we wheeled him back into our room. Sunday we did a little shopping and headed home. 


Jameil said...

Rashan said, "All we get is a sentence?" And one w/o exclamation! Hmph. I definitely enjoyed picking out dresses on twitter! I want to do that at least twice a month! Make that happen! Aye caramba on the wedding. You are right about chicken fingers at a formal wedding. And sad face that there no one could hear. :( I love commentating the thoughts of babies! LOL

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