Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I got nothing

Night 2 of Judah in the crib didn't happen. This time I blame MrC! I took the baby upstairs to get him nice and mellow for bed, and then I woke up hours later with the baby on my chest and MrC sleeping in front of the tv downstairs. If he hadn't fallen asleep during the football game, he could have gotten the baby off my chest and put him in the crib. See how I'm totally not to blame here? I'll try it again tonight. 


I'm trying out cloth diapers today! I have the fuzzi buns brand. I just ordered 2 bumGenius diapers to try out as well.


Our neighbors across the street have a 2 month old. They gave us a bag of clothes he outgrew yesterday, most of them he never wore because they were too small. The fact that my almost 4 month old can fit every single thing in that bag made  me laugh. We know 4 people having boys in the next 2 months so we're going to check and see if any of those 5 babies needs some clothes.

My dad just called to say we needed to go to North Carolina to walk the land he just purchased. I swear this man is bored. Yeahhhhhhh. I'm thinking no, get off my phone.

My sister is racist. She hates white nectarines. They are delicious.

I know 2 people that have had 4 accidental pregnancies in a 5 year span. Of course these are people that didn't even need to have any babies. One of them is having her third baby tomorrow. She has to drive 2 hours to pick up her child's father from school tonight so he can be there for the birth. 

We're having turkey burgers for dinner tonight. The recipe promised they'll be juicy and delicious. If they are, I'll share the recipe. Tomorrow we're having ribs in the slow cooker. Thursday, chicken on the grill. I love food. What y'all eating?


Jameil said...

It's MrC's fault you fell asleep? 0_o Yay! Come to NC!! Just to walk the land! And see me! So I can meet my blog nephew!! White nectarines are the BOMB!! Do these people you know live in communities that don't allow sex ed? Are they unable to wear contraceptives??? This just makes no sense. I hope those burgers are GREAT! I love burgers!!

Nerd Girl said...

White nectarines are the best nectarines ever! Does that make me racist?

Mr. C needs to do better!

Four accidental pregnancies. Four. Okaaaay.

How were your burgers? I just learned that Kroger sells bison meat. I'm thinking of making bison burgers this weekend!

mrstdj said...

What made you decide the cloth diaper route? Sorry if I missed a post about it. Just curious.

4 accidents? Um, yeah, ok. 2 hrs to pick him up from school??? I hope and pray that you are at least referring to college and not high school.

I am in love with chicken burgers!! I've adapted a Rachel Ray recipe and they are the bomb. Would love for you to share your turkey burger recipe.

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