Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy bee!

We have a boardroom meeting in 20 minutes, so there is no need for me to try to start any work right now so I'll shoot out a quick post. I had a dentist appointment this morning. I was going to a new dentist so I was a bit hesitant. He was funny and quick, so we have a winner! It's right next to my eyebrow place and across from the mall. How wonderfully convenient. Of course I had to stop by the mall afterward to do some shopping before heading back to work. I got some cami's from Forever 21 (of course) and some hair accessories from F21 and Charlotte Russe. I'll post a picture later. I have 2 weeks left to finish this audit and since I've only been in the office 2 days per week due to open enrollment health fairs I've been attending, it's going to be tough (says the girl that went shopping for an hour today). I'll work on it for 2 hours today and then I have 6 in office days to finish it! At least I learned how to do it now so each person only takes 5 minutes. I spent hours trying to do the first one a few weeks ago. Next week is my last week of health fairs and they're only Monday- Wednesday, so it should be fine. Of course I just remembered an 11 page report I still need to do. And my boss just emailed me something she wants me to get posted to the member site, but I don't know how and don't know why she didn't just do it herself. Geez, back to the non blog reading or writing life, at least for the next two weeks. I guess I'll catch up on reading y 'alls blogs in May. Dear God, does Google Reader ever get full? Over 1 thousand posts to read. Ummmm yeahhhhh, that's too much.
I'm still working on the tea party bridal shower, only now it's at the Ritz, so a lot has been taken off my hands. We're trying to come up with favors now. Tonight we're going house hunting walking so look out for some pictures of that too!


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