Thursday, April 15, 2010

Triple Date

We went on a triple date to the zoo last Saturday. The womenfolk didn't take any pictures together, but our fine men did! Young black married men :) We are blessed!

This was the most depressed looking panda ever. Somebody needs to show her some love. I was almost foolish enough to jump the rail and give her a hug. Then I realized animals have been acting like animals lately, and I don't need to be on the news as the latest fool to be killed by an animal.

The Cheetah jumped up to strike a pose for me :)

Riddle me this: Would you open the door if that was on the other side?

Did I ever post the pictures from when we were babysitting last month? I'm sure I did. Oh well, this picture is here and I've already started typing, so I'll go with it. Here we were making rice krispy treat shapes.


Nerd Girl said...

I love going to the zoo! I think Smoochy is over going with me though. Good thing I've got Lovegirl!

Um, no. I would not open the door.

Great, now I want a Rice Krispy Treat....

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Mrs. C. thanks for sharing!
I haven't been to the zoo in ages...

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