Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Walk it Out

Hey y'all! I took a little spring break from the blog so I could do some actual work. I have been crazy busy these days at work, and every time I try to catch up, they throw down another pile of work. I'm grateful to have a job, so I'll keep on chugging along :)
So, let's see, what have I been up to these days.  We're looking for a house. I really want to stay in the town we live in now, and the house prices are out of control. Right now, we could afford to buy a condo for less than we're paying in rent, which isn't a bad option and we'll do that if we have to. We're praying about it, and looking at everything. We're looking at condos, townhouses, single family houses, and really big houses. We have a little notebook that we take with us to write down what we see. On the front of the notebook is my current favorite verse:
        A man's heart plans his way,
      But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9
We drive to a neighborhood, park the car, and walk around stopping at all the sale signs to take down the information. We get exercise, family time, and a chance to add a physical dimension to the verse. Yesterday as we walked around a neighborhood, TheCount said, "let's turn down this court." I thought it was just another little court and only saw one house. Y'all we walked up that court and we saw houses with tennis courts, farm houses, real tree houses, and in law suites. I drive down that street every day and had no idea any of those houses were up there. Our lease isn't up until September, so we don't have to decide on a house until July/August and we're excited. I'm excited to see where God leads us!
What's new with you? Anybody else planning a move?


Jameil said...

Cool! I'm going going back back to NC NC! I'm excited! Ready to get outta this piece.

Nerd Girl said...

Can't wait to see pics of your house hunting adventures! We are getting pics, aren't we???

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