Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I do not like repeating myself. I frequently work with children under 24 months and it seems as if they listen better than most adults. I'm trying to work on my patience with adults, but so far this week, I've failed. On Sunday we had a Deacon family cookout. Since TheCount and I were there 3 hours early, I helped set up, and ended up being the hostess, even though it wasn't my house. I was in the kitchen reheating dishes and replenishing things so whenever people had questions, the woman of the house directed them to me. There was a big pan of hot dogs sitting on the counter:
Dude: Are these hotdogs chicken?
Me: No, they're beef.
Dude: All of them are beef?
Me: Yes
Dude: Are there any chicken hotdogs?
Me: No, he only cooked beef, so they're all beef.
Dude: Are there going to be any chicken hotdogs?
Me: No, only beef.
Dude: So none of these are chicken?
Me: They're chicken. They're all chicken. Go ahead and eat it. It's chicken.
Dude: Ok *gets hotdog, fixes it up, bites into it* This isn't chicken!
Me: *stank face* I know. I told you that. You didn't want to hear it, so I told you what you wanted to hear.
I tried. I really did, but seriously, he was a grown man and he was getting on my dang nerves. I wanted to treat him like I do the kids in my class, "What did MrsTM say? Alright, well you need to listen and obey."
Yesterday I was at the bookstore and this creepy man decided to talk to me:
Creepy McCreepster: blah blah blah Do you live around here?
Me: Yes, with my husband, I'm gonna go now.
Creepy McCreepster: Do you enjoy reading?
Me: Yes, with my husband, walking away from you now.
Creepy McCreepster: Reading is one of my passions too. Blah blah blah
Me: If you don't leave me alone I'm going to beat you in the face with my keys *walks away*
I try to be nice, I really do. But did he want me to invite him over for dinner? Why do you need to know anything about me? I tried to leave politely, but how long was I going to have to point out the fact that I was married before he realized I didn't want to be bothered? I recently put my keys on a lanyard so they swing better. I hope nobody ever makes me use it.
Am I the only one that has unreasonable demands of people understanding me the first time? What about you?


pserendipity said...

Chicken Hotdog man definitely deserved that. Loserface.

Did you find your brownies?

Jazz said...

wait they have chicken hot dogs ? that just sounds wrong

TravelDiva said...

Ummm, see...that's when you need to say that God is trying to tell you that the BBQ is over my house...and no we didn't have chicken hotdogs either. I hollered at that.

Anonymous said...

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