Thursday, April 22, 2010

Delirious Rambling

I spent Monday-Wednesday driving out to the mountains for work. It was so beautiful out there I couldn't stop smiling as I admired God's work. The 13+ hours of driving I've done has made my body a little tired which is why I'm in bed typing this instead of getting ready for work. I've been going to bed before midnight this week, and I think I'll continue this into next week. TheCount has been out of town, so I didn't have any distractions keeping me awake, but hopefully I can get him on this "let's go to bed before 2 a.m." kick too. It's not even 8:15 yet, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm gonna go turbo charge with a green smoothie and kick myself into gear. Have a great day!


pserendipity said...

I'm scared of mountains. I don't like them!! After driving through the mountains in Branson, I never want to ever do it again. Flatland for me!!

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