Monday, November 29, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I need to get back in the habit of daily blogging. I have seriously fallen off since my discovery of twitter. Let's do some randoms to get back on track.
I had a lovely Thanksgiving. My dads side of the family rented some condos in Myrtle Beach so we all went down there for the holiday. I didn't think I would have as much fun as I did, but after 2 days, I was ready to go back home. Some of my family is really crazy. It makes me sad how crazy they are.
 One of my cousins, D, always asks to play with your phone. When you get your phone back you see that she's been on you tube watching videos and texting all your friends having conversations. To me, you get one time to prove you aren't trustworthy. She proved it when she lied about what she was doing on my phone, so she is no longer allowed to touch my phone.  My other cousins/aunts had to learn it the hard way. She had a 20 text conversation with my 40 year old cousins friend and when my cousin asked what she was doing she said "playing sims." Hmph. Bold faced lies? Unacceptable.
I had another little cousin that asked for a KK donut at 10 p.m. It was me, my sister, 4 aunts, my mom, and my cousin at the table.
Me: Absolutely not.
Him: But my grandmother would let me have it
Me: But I will not.
Him: I'm going to go ask my grandma
MySister: If you walk down there, you're staying.
MyMom: No, an adult already answered you. You have your answer.
*he proceeded to ask every adult at the table if he could have a donut and they each explained why he couldn't*
Me: I have already answered him. Don't y'all explain to him any more why he can't have a donut. This conversation is over.
Him: But I just want a donut, I'm going to go ask my grandma.
Me: Obviously you're tired and having a hard time listening. It must be time for bed. Open your mouth one more time about a donut and we're putting you in bed for the night. The answer is no. I was going to wrap one up for you to have tomorrow, but you just lost that privilege for yourself.
MyMom: *whispering* I'm scared of you.
I'm not going to spend my night arguing and debating with anybody. Vacation normally means relaxed rules, so I probably would have given him a donut but he had Dr Pepper and ice cream with dinner. Has nobody heard of juvenile diabetes but me?
I've been in quite the funk the past few days. When we were growing up and having hormonal attitude days my ma would make us sit and repeat "I will not let my hormones get the best of me." I've found myself doing that lately. I have wanted to lash out since Saturday, but I can't figure out the exact reason.
Crap. My pharmacy tech certification expires tomorrow and I still have 12 credits to complete. Didn't I say I wasn't going to procrastinate this year. Let me get to work :(


Ieisha said...

Lol @ your mom having you chant, "I will not let my hormones get the best of me."

Have you finished those 12 credits yet??? I can't have you in prison for being a drug dealer. Well, an illegal one, anyway.

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