Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Randoms

Well I've obviously been having a lovely and busy holiday season :) Let's get caught up, shall we?

All nausea has subsided! Some days I even forget I'm pregnant until I start sitting still for a while and I all of a sudden feel some movement in my belly :) Yesterday MrC and I went to Hob.by Lob,by to get some stuff to make my pregnancy scrapbook. Scrapbooking materials are 50% off this week. At first MrC was complaining about having to go with me. Then we he had to sit and watch me eat nachos I bought at BJ's before we could even go in the store, I thought he was going to quit me. When we got in there though he had just as much fun as I did picking out stuff. He walked the aisles with me, held up books so we could vote which one was better and everything. To reward him for being such a great sport, I did't join in the dance this little boy was doing in one of the aisles, even though I really wanted too! MrC was looking at me like "please don't start dancing with this little boy and embarrass me in front of all these people." So for once, I resisted the urge to play with a stranger's kid. My mom and sister have scrapbooking materials. I'll post the pictures this week (along with my Secret Santa gift!) and hopefully when I'm back from my January internet hiatus, I'll have a scrapbook to show you guys. And hopefully I'll have finally finished knitting my scarf. And while I'm hoping and wishing, hopefully our realtor will get back on her game and take us to see some houses! 

Anyway, my Christmas was just lovely. We go spend the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve, and my aunt has decided she should come too and spend the night. Now the girls spend the evening cooking and baking and I fuss at my mom and aunt for giggling so much as they drink wine. This year my mom made Sangria. These fools were drinking it like it was fruit punch. I spent the evening telling them they were drunk, and judging them. It was great! My sister got home from work at 12:30 and joined in the fun of making fun of my aunt because she kept falling asleep during the most random times. At 4 am, we finally went to bed. 

My sister wrote me a poem for Christmas. If crying wasn't for suckers, I would have been balling my eyes out. 

My SIL plucked my very last nerve, and I think she could tell. I am very conscious of the words I say, and what I allow people to say to me. She is always talking about how bad my kids are going to be because MrC was mischievous when I was little. The final statement that sent me over the edge was:

Her: You're either going to have a child just like MrC or one just like MyChild. Pick your poison.
Me: *WTH* Maybe you don't realize this but I have my own gene pool and my own parenting skills. My kids will be like my kids. They aren't carbon copies of anybody. I got this man.

Not that I have a problem with her child, but there's only so many times you're going to sit in a room full of people and tell them I'm going to be overwhelmed because my kids will be off the hook. How does that help anybody? MrC said he was tuning her out, so he didn't really know what she was saying. He said next time he'll ask her to shut up so I don't have to. 

I need to be up cleaning this place, not sitting in bed on my laptop. Time to be productive. 


Anonymous said...

Jealous! The closest Hobby Lobby is states away in PA. I doubt hubby would be dedicated enough to make the trip for scrapbooking supplies. What kind of pictures will you put in?

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