Friday, December 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Add some hot fries to this and you can see what has been making me smile as of late.

I also like talking about babies! Inner Diva, spill the beans. Do you have a blog or twitter? When are you due? Do you know what you're having yet?


Anonymous said...

Bvlgari au the blanc is my FAVORITE!! I've never actually seen anyone else who likes it before, so that just made me smile :)

Jameil said...

P p PPppppp. Go P foods! LOLOLOL I love BPL!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Lady! I'm dune in June 2011. I have a blog, but it's on xanga. I'll update my wordpress one just for you, lol. We won't find out the sex for another 4-5 weeks. How's the morning sickness?

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