Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MrsC goes to Christmas Parties

I partied way too hard this weekend. I'm still tired even though I had a 4 hour nap this evening. I did something on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which I never do.

Friday MrC and I went on a date. The Melting Pot happy hour is a fun place for cheap folks! We had 3 (virgin) ying yang martinis, a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue (they're half off during happy hour). We had a grand time! 

Saturday I slept in. We had a Christmas party at one of my coworkers house. It was over an hour away and we paid $11 in tolls. And I couldn't eat any of the food. We left after an hour because I needed some food (and strawberry soda, but don't tell anybody.) We got home late and I decided to bake the brownies I needed for Sunday. I made regular brownies, pecan brownies, walnut brownies and s'more brownies. Yeah, I was doing too much.

Sunday we went to church and then had a nap before heading over to the The Travel Diva's house for a holiday party and cookie exchange. I had so much fun! Seriously, when I got home I said to MrC "Babe, I actually had fun and I don't normally like people." The food was so good! We had chili, baked ziti, meatballs, jambalaya, a pork dish, salad. Y'all know my baby has been acting strange about me eating, but I chowed down! 

Travel Diva had some games planned out. The first one was a trivia game. She handed out the paper, I looked at it, and handed it right back. I didn't know one answer! No need to embarrass myself by proving I'm dumb, so I opted out. When she read the answers I was glad I didn't even try. 

I decided to try the next game, tearing up a piece of paper into the shape of a tree- while holding the paper behind your back. You know the key to winning games? Be quiet! Everybody was standing, talking, and laughing while tearing it out. I had a seat and got to work. When the menfolk voted on the best tree, I won :) I got a cute set of Christmas coasters as my prize. 

The last game was finding a pickle ornament. Y'all know I love pickles! I followed my motto "be quiet" and silently walked around the house. I walked back from the stairwell silently holding the pickle ornament. BabyC's first ornament :) Since Jameil calls my child Baby Pickle Lover 2011, I'm going to paint BPL11 on the ornament. I won a reusable travel mug. My hot chocolate will be traveling in style. 

When it was time to go, Travel Diva said we could take food home. Y'all know me and the baby have to eat right? For about 2 seconds I was ashamed to  pack up food because not many people were, But then I hit my signature like "you know I'm pregnant. I gotta keep this baby alive." Travel Diva is a wonderful hostess and throws a fabulous party! Should you be fortunate to be invited over to True Blessings Estate, you need to go!


Jameil said...

Yay for blogger meet ups!! Altogether now: AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I'm so delighted (s)he has a first ornament!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Were you the quiet stalker in the corner the whole time? Only talking when there was food? Because that's what it sounds like...

mrstdj said...

Just finished checking out the pics on TD's blog. Happy to hear that fun was had by all. She is a fantastic host. Sorry we missed it. Congrats on all your bounty. *lol*

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confrence said...

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