Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Fetus Talk

I have come to decide that it's so much more fun to let "I'm pregnant" slip out naturally! I've had a lot more fun randomly surprising folks. Today during our client meeting we were all coming in and talking about how freaking windy it was outside. We have a small Asian pharmacist on our account named T. 

Client: Man T, you probably needed somebody to hold you to the ground out there. You could have blown away!
T: *takes of coat and reveal a new tummy* Nope, I have a bun in the oven to keep me down
Me: *walks in just as this is said* Guess what T, me too!
The Whole Room: Wooowwww! Both of you? Congrats.
*somebody walks in*
Client: you just missed a double pregnancy announcement!
Lady: *looks around at everybody. Can't figure out who because everybody is smiling at her*
Client: T and MrsC are having babies! When are y'all due?
Me: June
T: July!

Now everybody thinks we conspired together, especially since we got married within a month of each other. I knew she was trying to get pregnant, so it was super exciting to hear they were successful. 

Last Sunday at church one of the elders came up to me:
Elder L: Girllll, I done heard something 'bout you?
Me: *laughing* what did you hear?
Elder L: Something I should have heard from you. Why I gotta find out your business on the streets?
Me: *cracking up because Elder L is a clown*
Elder L: I'm just playing, it wasn't the streets. My son told me. I'm so excited for you! Even though y'all hiding it like it ain't legal.

All I could do was laugh. Especially when another elder saw me talking to my 8 months pregnant friend:
Elder: *to MrC* you know if your wife talks to a pregnant woman for more than 15 minutes, she'll end up pregnant
MrC: go tell her that
Elder: *to me* you know if you talk to her for more than 15 minutes, you'll end up pregnant
Me: Dag man, you should have told me that back in September!
Elder: You pregnant!?
Me: Yeahhh. You should have preached that sermon from the pulpit! I was wondering how this happened.

Because of that conversation, I have a friend that won't talk directly to me anymore. She has her husband call MrC when she wants to check on me and the baby. We had a 5 minute relayed conversation the other night because she wanted to see how I was feeling. I don't blame her because I'm convinced pregnancy is contagious. 

*If you're tired of reading about this fetus, too bad. I ain't got nothing else to talk about! All I do is eat and sleep. Check my twitter timeline, it's full of taking naps and eating random things. Maybe we'll get some house hunting in next week.*


K. Rock said...

Girl this is your blog and you can talk about anything you want to! I like reading it.

InnerDiva said...

There's something in the water...I just found out a friend is due the month after me.

Ieisha said...

My sister, my bff and I were all pregnant at the same time. Bff delivered in October, my sis in November and me in December. It's definitely contagious! Lol.

Jameil said...

So glad preggers talk is only contagious face to face! wheeeeee!!!

kisz4tj said...

Keep the fetus talk coming :)

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