Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feels good...

...to be completely up to date with everything. I don't have any pending things on my desk at work. There aren't any dishes in the sink, no crumbs on the floor. Everything is clean and in order.
...to have all our food for the week cooked already. I got a 4 pound pack of ground beef last week because I wanted spaghetti and the big pack was on sale. Yesterday I decided to cook it all and make our meals for the week all at once. I made spaghetti,sloppy joe's, chili, and tacos. I put a label on each container so MrC would know the appropriate side dishes to pull out and dinner/lunch will take less than 10 minutes to prepare every day. Maybe I'll do the same thing next week with chicken breasts.
...to be planning my baby shower. My family is finally listening and doing what I want. I'm not a fancy person, I just love cookouts and hanging out. I wanted my wedding reception to be a cookout at a park and my bridal shower to be a picnic in a backyard (they tried but a tornado decided to show up that day.) My baby shower is going to be a big cookout at my parent's house. Drop in for 15 minutes or 3 hours, it doesn't matter. Bring your husband and your kids, all are welcome! The guys will probably be playing video games, kids can play outside, and the gals can chit chat and hang out. I'm definitely not having a bunch of games, because I don't like them. I will have a station set up so that you can pick a holiday out of a bucket and then design a bib and onesie that correlates with your holiday. If anybody has any more ideas like that, leave them in the comments! It's a safari themed shower on April 16, if you're in Maryland then and want to stop by, let me know!
...to have my March spa appointment (manicure and pedicure right before we do our pregnancy pictures) scheduled and my April appointment will be scheduled next week. I felt like God was high fiving me when I realized spa finder wellness week is the week of my pictures and Spa Week is the week of my baby shower. I shall be beautified for each event!
...to know that at the end of each day MrC is waiting to give me a massage so I can sleep comfortably.
...to know that God supplies all my needs :)
What about you?



Jameil said...

So exciting! I'm so happy for you!! :) Feels good to be going on the last shoot for my film! Wheee!! I know it's gonna be great!

laughing808 said...

I would love the stop by the shower for 5 minutes, LMAO......I'll inbox you for the address and your registry information.

InnerDiva said...

Thanks for giving me some recipe ideas...we have a huge bag of soy crumbles from BJ's in the freezer.

Great minds think alike, because our shower theme is a safari, too! May 14th in NYC. The games are so fun though--I want to do the one where the guys blow up a balloon and put it under their shirt, then try to tie their shoes. I like to embarrass people, so I'm all about the games, lol. I don't know enough decorative folk to do bibs, but that idea is really cute! (Plus we are having a huge shower and that would be a ton of bibs)

I also didn't know you were in MD...we are considering a move there in a few years.

It feels good to know that even if I don't see a way, God does.

SimplyB said...

Is the Spa you are going to on SpaFinder.com?

I have a $25 gift card that I received at my baby shower that I will probably never use. I would love to send it to you!

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