Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009 Vacation: The Reject Pile

Somehow, on elegant night, my dad ended up dressed just like Mr. B. Blue Blazer, striped shirt and tie, and white pants. My sister and I were discussing the scandal of how gay they looked, hence her face.

One of us has a huge head, the other has his sexy look going on. One of us is really, really digging her eyebrows and that's the reason she posted this picture.

Elegant night silly shot. That's my momma on the left :) She couldn't purse her lips like ours so it came out as a crazy smile.

My "you better not" face. As you can see, we all had on above the knee dresses. My dad kept telling us to cross our legs for the picture. My sister was about to until I shot her the look and hissed "ladies don't expose their nono zones."
Tomorrow, I'll present the prize winning photo's from the trip. I have a lot since my dad is worse than the paparazzi.


kisz4tj said...

LOL @ nono zones! I know siblings resemble, but you two look like twins.

J'Renee said...

Your sister face in the 1st photo is priceless.. LOL LOL.!

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