Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please don't ignore the table full of black people at your establishment

Let's put it this way, my 24th birthday will not be remembered as one of my top 10 birthday's. I don't think it'll even make the top 20 list, but it's all good.
I'll be brief because my mood is not pleasant right now and I don't want to come off as ungrateful. We went to The Crab Shanty for dinner last night, a restaurant I had been wanting to try. The service was horrible, we requested the manager many times, the manager never came. My food was nasty and I spent the night on the couch crying because my stomach hurt so bad. Anyway, the one time our waitress actually came to our table,at which point I was the only person with a plate left, and all drink cups were empty,  this conversation occurred:
Barbie: (to me) Are you all finished with your plate?
Me: Yes
Mom: You're not going to eat the rest of your fish?
Me: (in disgust) Ma please, they got this fish from Wendy's
Barbie: mouth falls open as she stares at me
Everybody at Table: BWWHAHAHAHAHAHAH- Did that just happen?
Me: I'm sorry, what's funny?
Waitress: nervous giggle, walk away, don't come back for 20 minutes even though all of our plates had been cleared.
For a $25 seafood platter, I'm sorry but I expect something better than lukewarm, non seasoned food. I'm sorry I had to insult Wendy's, but that piece of fish looked worse and more processed than McDonald's filet o fish sandwiches.
Moral of the story: NEVER, EVER EAT AT THE CRAB SHANTY in Ellicott City, Maryland. You have been warned.
Question: Would you be offended if your waitress calculated out the tip and wrote it on your receipt? Not like when the restaurant prints it on there for you, but actually in big pink marker, calculates 18% gratuity and writes that, along with the new total, on your receipt.


SimplyB said...

Aw heck naw!! I would be pissed as well.

I am pro-customer service and would follow up with the restaurant to complain.

I had a bad experience at Wal-Mart the other day and if I can help it they won't get another dime of my money.

laughing808 said...

dang, sorry to hear of your bad experience with the Crab Shanty and thanks for the warning.

Depending on the size of the party, it would be understandable for the wait staff to calculate the gratuity and note on the receipt. Usually parties over 5 include the 18% gratuity.

But definitely follow up with a phone call to the restaurant manager with regards to your unpleasant experience.

kisz4tj said...

Don't make me cuss.

Just_Wondering said...

wow I'm sorry that your bday dinner did not go as well as expected. I would have been disgusted if the waitress had the nerve to calculate the tip. Why did she think she could do such a thing..WOW

Jass said...

yep i would have been mad , and I know its not the Godly thing to do - but I would not have given her a tip. That is rude and she needs to get over herself

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