Friday, August 7, 2009

Take 2

Last night TheCount took me out to dinner again to make up for the disaster that was The Crab Shanty. Have I mentioned lately that TheCount is the most awesomest of awesome people? Well he is. The make up dinner was at The Coho Grill. TCG is located on a golf course- which will lead to another funny story later. Most of the people there were very old and dressed in their Izod gear, but everybody was friendly. Our food was delicious! I so wish we had gone here on my actual birthday (especially since burgers were half price that night- we would have saved 75% of our money). Anyway, we had chicken nachos for an appetizer. It was a huge portion and topped with white chili, chicken, salsa, jalapenos, and sour cream. From what I saw, all of the appetizers were big enough to be an entree. I got scampi Fra Diavolo- eight jumbo garlicky shrimp spiced up with a touch of heat tossed with linguini and served with a Caesar salad, I just realized I didn't get a caesar salad with my meal. TheCount first ordered Linguini Misti gulf shrimp, chicken, Italian sausage, artichokes, broccoli and red peppers tossed with pasta in a light scampi sauce. Served with a caesar salad- hey, he didn't get a salad either. Anyway, here's one thing about TheCount- he doesn't do light sauce. He really likes sauce, so he hated the food because it wasn't covered in the sauce. It was like an herb broth. In my opinion, it was delicious. He hated it so much, he sent it back and ordered Asiago Chicken, pan seared chicken breast topped with Asiago cheese, crispy prosciutto and fresh sage, served over risotto with tomatoes and roasted garlic. He loved it, although if that's the only thing you ordered, it would probably leave you hungry. I had warm pecan pie and ice cream for dessert, because they had a sign saying it was rated #1 in the nation. I've never had pecan pie before, so I can't tell you if they lived up to their claim. It certainly was the best I'd ever had. All in all, I definitely recommend The Coho Grill located in Columbia, MD.
Funny Story: When we were leaving, TheCount turned the wrong way and I didn't notice. I look up and see a no outlet sign, so I point it out to him. I don't know if he wasn't listening, or if he didn't realize what that sign meant, and he kept going. We drove past an old woman walking her dog and she was just looking at us. TheCount then decides to turn down a side road and start driving. I was like, "babe, there is no outlet, you cannot get out from anywhere down here if you don't go back." Then I look around, this fool is driving on the golf cart trail. He didn't realize this road was unnaturally narrow and winding all around? He didn't notice the extremely lush greens? The lady was just standing in the street staring at us wondering what was going on. I was so embarrassed I ducked down in the seat. TheCount was cracking up because he was describing the lady's face and trying to back up down the trail so we could get out of there before somebody called the cops.


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL glad you both had a good time. the food sounds delicious. Ok driving on the course...LOL you two need a tv show..I'm

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