Monday, August 10, 2009

Choose Wisely

The doctor's office is not a good place to try and find a potential mate- unless you're pursuing the staff. Seriously dude, I was there for bloodwork, you don't know WHAT I might have, lol.
Reason 34759 why I love my doctor's office: Left work at 11:45 a.m. got my bloodwork done, went to baja fresh, ordered and received my food and was back at my desk by 12:20. Awesomeness :) Reason 34760 why I love my doctor's office: the man did not argue with me when I asked him to draw the blood from my hand and not my arm. I used to leave my old doctor's office looking like a drug addict from all the times the woman jabbed me trying to make the blood come from my arms.
There are some Betsey Johnson (I kept typing Betsy Ross, where is my head?) rose bud earring studs that I really, really want. I asked my mommy to get them for me (since neither her nor my daddy got me a birthday present- 2 years in a row), she laughed in my face. This is the woman who told me target earrings were too expensive ($8 and under fyi). When I told her the other earrings were $25, my aunt joined in the laughter. Now, I'm cheap, but $25? Come on y'all, that ain't nothing!
Did I mention that while they were laughing in my face we were dining on a bushel of crabs, 10 pounds of crab legs, and fresh never frozen fried fish. I guess they prefer to poop their money away, rather than wear it.
I'm pretty sure I have a picture of me from the wedding Saturday (the bride's earrings were baddddd y'all)- I have to check the camera. I was too busy setting up the dang reception because the caterer was a horribly evil and late person. Ohhhh, I set up the cake too. Would you believe this isn't the first time I've gone to a wedding and ended up setting up the reception? I refuse to have a bride come out on her happy day and be disappointed at what she sees. TheCount said he isn't riding with me to receptions anymore, lol.
This guy at the reception tried to holla at me by helping me put down the tablecloths and explaining how he was one of the last real gentlemen. Dude, gentlemen don't announce their deeds, they just handle their business.
Speaking of gentlemen, my aunt told me she was falling in love with TheCount. Why?  Yesterday at the crab feast, TheCount had to leave to go do the lights at church for a program. I went in the house and fell asleep. When TheCount came back, they were cleaning up. My aunt was walking across the backyard carrying a basket. TheCount saw her, went and took it from her and carried it into the house. She was amazed. My aunt's boyfriend was like, "I asked if you wanted help!" She told him that TheCount didn't waste time asking questions, he just handled his business. She also squealed with glee when TheCount put down his cake and stood up and hugged her when she came over to say goodbye. Auntie, what kind of lame-o's have you been dating during your 60 years of life that you don't consider that behavior normal? I think I need to keep my eye on that old woman. She might be checkin' for my man!


kisz4tj said...

She just might be checking for your man! I agree 1000% that men don't ask...they just do.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes real men don't announce their deeds....I totally agree.
Mr. C. did the right thing, I hope your aunt finds someone who will treat her well. Or do you think it's an age thing? The count is all young and energetic...maybe getting the question out "do you need help" sapped the energy of your aunt's mate....just a
and a big huge LOL @ your mom and aunt pooping their money..LOL

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