Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let it flow

Ummmmmm I don't have nofin to talk about. I'm busy getting ready for my vacation that starts on Saturday. I've also been so tired lately that I don't feel like thinking. I got my blood test results back... I sure am healthy :) It's amazing that all growing up I had super high cholesterol and now that I'm out on my own, my cholesterol is normal. I think it's because I eat such diverse foods now. Growing up my daddy only liked soul food and seafood so that's what we mostly ate. We never had Italian nights, Mexican nights, all veggie nights, breakfast for dinner nights, or oops I forgot to eat nights. I got a lot of new earrings these past 2 weeks. Just little cheap stuff from Target and Forever 21. I'll try and take pictures. My mommy did the big chop. Did I tell y'all that? Well she's bald like Solange now :) It looks really nice on her. If only she would have listened from the beginning when I told her to do this. Every person that sees her tells her how much she looks like her sister Betty now. They really could be twins.  I'm hoping I can schedule all these recipe posts for while I'm on vacation. I have been having much success in the kitchen lately. Last night I had some great potato wedges. I've been on a hunt for a nail polish color I saw on Tiny & Toya {don't judge me} and I found it yesterday. I keep trying to take a picture but it comes out green in the photos. I have my doctor's appointment today about my stupid swollen big toe. I sure hope we can get this fixed because if TheCount makes fun of my big big toe one more time I'm going to break his pinkie. Yesterday I had to tell this man off. He was following me around the mall asking can he see me again (sir, I really wish you hadn't seen me the first time). I told him I was married and he told me he was too and held up his hand so I could see the ring. How dare you! You are a worthless waste of a man. He hit me with this line, "it's good to share." I promise y'all I almost jumped in my car and ran him over. You may not respect your marriage covenant, but I respect mine. How dare you! Ugggh, I'm getting mad all over again.


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL @ "it's good to share" WHAT???? LOL such a sicko. Happy to learn about your mom's big chop :-).

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