Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And now...lunchtime

I had a rheumatology appointment this morning. It was with a male doctor, which I normally don't like, but since it didn't have anything to do with my no no zones, I went along with it. Don't judge me, but I was hesitant also because I didn't think I would understand his accent based on his name. Well when I went in there this super tall Asian man came bounding in the door and he was the best! He cracked jokes and made me laugh through super embarrassing questions. He was so thorough, and even though I've been to rheumatologists before, he asked questions I've never even heard of. He ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis (thankya Jesus) and he thinks he knows what it is. He said he didn't want to give me information yet in case he's wrong. Does that man not know I am the queen of google. I will sound out everything he said and look it all up. He ordered up another round of tests for me (15 tests, good lawd!), and gave me a prescription. After I left his office I went downstairs to get blood work done. Once again we had to fight my stupid veins to get some blood out. The technician held my hand and said, "look, I need to get home for dinner tonight, so your blood is going to have to hurry up." I was laughing so hard in there I didn't even realize that my entire hand went numb :) After blood work I went across the hall to get a chest xray done. I went back upstairs to look at my xrays with the doctor. As expected, they were normal, he just wanted to be on the safe side (I love doctor's like that). Anyway, he wants me to go to my old doctor and get my charts, even though I told him I didn't do all these tests before. He wants to see them because my numbers are so high, he knows that they didn't JUST get that way. Seriously y'all one of my number was supposed to be under 40, it's 1280. The other is supposed to be under 12, and mine is 34. There was one more test that came back high, but I don't feel like looking it up. My other doctor never mentioned any of those tests. All she did was make me think I was gonna go bald and be sore forever. All in all, I was only in the office for about an hour and a half which is excellent considering all that stuff he made me do.
I called my ma and was telling her, and as usual I'm laughing and joking and she kept asking, "no seriously, is something wrong? no, seriously, what's wrong." Mama please, I am fine, my joints are just sore, I'm not gonna hide some super disease from you. I love my new doctor's office so much I'm considering going back to talk to a dermatologist. I've had acne for 13 years, I think it's time it goes away :) I've been before and tried all the things they said and none of it worked, but now that I've stopped going to the doctors in the hood, I'm getting much better results. When I tell my new doctors something, they believe me, imagine that! They don't ask me 20 times if I'm pregnant (I told the doctor I was a virgin once and she basically called me a liar since I was in college with a boyfriend, wth). They don't spend my entire visit lecturing me about STD's when that's not what I'm there for. They don't tell me my boyfriend is going to cheat on me and give me a disease and that our relationship won't last. They don't tie me down and call my momma when I refuse an AIDS test (uggghhhhh, I wasn't even doing the nasty at that age!). They ask, I answer, they say ok. Even better, they actually run tests and get back to me! I went to this other doctor 2 years ago and I'm still waiting for the results! Let me end my rant before some crazy hea.lthc.are debater finds my blog and fills up my comments with nonsense I don't care about.


kisz4tj said...

I'm glad you have a good doctor. Keep us posted. I need you healthy!

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