Monday, March 22, 2010

I had a 20 minute work day!

I'm at home on my couch eating lunch right now :) I won't be in the office much over the next month because I have health fairs to attend. Today's was the easiest fair ever! I spoke for 1 minute to a room of 8 people and then left. Love it!

We had my nieces over the weekend and we had a good time. The 8 year old got on a my nerves a few times, but it was more my issue than hers. We had some funny moments- and some definitely not funny moments:

Me: *who is knocking on this bedroom door? Oh well, I'm ignoring it*
TheCount: Come in
11yearold: I felt something wet where 8yrold is sleeping. 
TheCount: I'm coming

He walked out to find that little girl peed on our couch. He helped her clean it up and wash her clothes. This chick said "Sorry, but don't worry, I'm clean. When I realized I did it, I got up used 1 pump of soap to wash my 'gina and changed my pants." Everybody looked at her like "what!?" The next night, she had to sleep on the floor (I said she should sleep in the tub, but I was out voted). The 11yrold was like, "Man, I was sleeping good and then I stretched out my leg and my foot felt something wet. That's just nasty!"

There was also a moment when 8yrold getting on all of our nerves and the 11yrold patted her on the head and whispered something to her. I fell out laughing and TheCount just sat around looking crazy. 
TheCount: What did she say?
Me: "Oh, 8yrold, SHUT UP!"

It was funny because she said it so sweetly and looked so innocent. I probably should have told her to be nice, but truth be told, I wanted to tell her to shut up too.
Gotta go, I have bridesmaids duties to perform and some new oyin goodies to try out on my hair tonight and I need to go get busy!  I'm trying to navigate the fine line between a high fashion tea party and ghetto label whore-ness. 


Jameil said...

1 minute? No ma'am. Not even a 'do you have any questions?' period? #fail!!

i'm gald you talked about the fine line between a high fashion tea party and ghetto label whore-ness b/c i was thinking it.... WHAT???? ROTFL!! you KNOW you gotta explain that!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

A 20 minute work day???? I need one of those!!!

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