Thursday, August 12, 2010

All I do is win!

(title has nothing to do with this post, lol)
I didn't get home until late, so I never got to schedule the videos for today. So instead, I shall ramble!
The winner for the suggestion of the addition to my 30 before 30 list is....Jameil! Jameil suggested starting a family tradition. If you know me, you know I'm all about family traditions. If you know MrC, you know he's all about crushing my hopes and dreams so he hates family traditions. One of my family's traditions is going to the movies and having Christmas brunch together every Christmas morning. I'd love to have a tradition for our own family that we do every single year (sounds like I need to do a post on this). Well, let's tell Jameil what she won! Jameil you have won a 6 1/2 inch santoku knife! Your wish for a sharp knife for your birthday has been granted! If you email or DM me your address, I'll order it and have it sent your way. If you think I'm a crazy stalker and don't want to send me your address, I'll keep the knife! Win-win :) 
I don't know why I still try and talk to some people that I know are going to frustrate me. I seriously need to stop it. I was trying to have a conversation with a friend, and I guess she thought I was asking for advice, but I was just sharing. This is how it went:
Me: We have 4 houses we want to look at. I'm excited, so we'll see what happens.
Her: What kind of houses are they?
Me: Well one is only 3 years old, so it's pretty fancy, but the houses in that neighborhood are so close to each other and...
Her: Well you have to compromise on something
Me: *side eye, continues my sentence* ...and MrC doesn't like houses being super close, the other 3 houses were built in the 70's...
Her: 70's! Ugghh, that's too old. I like everything to be new and fancy
Me: *side eye of death. continues my sentence* ...and I really like old houses. I like that they have character and stories in them. You can always update appliances over time. And I like the trees and yard space you get with older houses.
Her: You like that kind of thing? I don't
Me: *I ain't saying another word because clearly this is her moment to shine.*
I ended up calling my momma so I could talk out the situation like I wanted to. When I talk to my momma she'll say "are we sharing stories, or do you want feedback?" Thanks ma for knowing how to listen without constantly throwing in your unwanted opinion. Let me at least look at the houses and tell you what I think before you give your opinion. Geez!
That being said, housing progress is being made. Pray for us y'all.
My money situation still hasn't been fixed at work. I don't want to go to my new supervisor and be like "where's my money man" when she doesn't know anything that has happened. I want my boss that I contract for was in the meeting in which my raise was discussed and approved to bring it up to her first and then I'll be able to follow up. Does that make sense?
Listening to  "the battle is the Lord's" by Yolanda Adams is not recommended while driving, but if you manage to get through the song without crashing your car, you'll be so relaxed and ready to face the day :) I think I'll put that on my wake up in the morning playlist. Anybody have a morning playlist? What songs do you have on it?


Jameil said...

WOOHOO!!! I WON!! I LOVE WINNING!! You are TOTALLY a crazy stalker. But I sent you my address anyway! I'm so unused to stimulation in the a.m. that music & tv slow me waaaaay down. Your friend = irritating. FYI friend, this isn't your house. Just thought I'd let you know that.

SimplyB said...

We had a family tradition of having cream sherry with Thanksgiving Dinner. That was until my parents stopped drinking but it was fun and I still remember it.

Oh that song is in heavy rotation during my morning commute! My playlist:

Encourage Yourself (featuring Sheri Jones-Moffett): Donald Lawerence & The Tri-City Singers
I Told the Storm: Greg O' Quinn

Blessed And Highly Favored: The Clark Sisters

Fell On Black Days: Soundgarden

Just Breathe: Pearl Jam

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