Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Wrap Up!

And I'm back! I'll have pictures tomorrow. Thanks for all the birthday well wishes! Now I have to decide which of the suggestions I want to add to my 30 before 30 list and figure out what prize I'm going to give out. If you follow me on twitter, you already know what's been going on, but now a brief recap for those who don't.
On my birthday work friend texted me to tell me her mom passed and asked me to tell everybody at work. I didn't take it very well. I got really sad and then I got angry. I fully expected her mom to recover. You couldn't tell me Beth wasn't going to walk out of that hospital. MrC could tell I was upset and he came to pray with me, but I didn't want to talk to God, so I let him do it for me. The next morning I couldn't go to work. My coworkers are so negative about even happy situations (all day Wednesday I had to hear "ugghhh, it sucks that you're working on your birthday") and I didn't want to start being negative with them. I emailed them about what happened and then spent my day watching sermons that we recorded and talking to God. By midday I felt a lot better and spent the day emailing encouragement to my coworkers.
My sister came over Thursday night to do my hair and because we were all riding to the airport together in the morning. Friday my sister hopped on a plane to Orlando, and MrC and I hopped on a plane to Minnesota because he was taking me to the Mall of America!!!!!  We had so much fun y'all! When we got there, the rental car people upgraded us to a Malibu. I want that to be my next car, so I was happy to drive it. When we pulled up at the hotel, there were police cars and caution tape everywhere. There was a chemical spill so we had to go down the street to the Hampton. We went back to the Crowne Plaza the next morning, but we liked the Hampton much better, so I think we'll go with them from now on. MrC asked the Crowne Plaza people why they didn't notify any of their guests that the hotel was closed or when they reopened and the guy had no answers for him. He ended up refunding us for one night of our stay! An $88 refund!? Yes please!
Like I said, pictures tomorrow. We did shopping, the amusement park at the mall, and the aquarium at the mall. It was a great 25th birthday!


Jurista said...

Having managed hotels....Hampton is the BEST! They are a Hilton owned property (my old employer) so they always come correct. Crowne Plaza? Yeah.....they can go somewhere.

Glad to hear you enjoyed MOA. I have yet to get there. Can't wait to see pics!!

K. Rock said...

Your birthday definitely had its ups and downs but it seemed to end on a high note. Can't wait to see the pics!!

pserendipity said...

Never got to tell you Happy Birthday, but Happy Birthday!! Love ya!!

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