Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House Hunting: Loudon Lane

On Friday we went out with our realtor to look at six houses. It was my first time meeting her- she's a crazy old lady that reminds me of my MIL. She had me cracking up the entire time. We had two houses on the same street, so that's where we started.

MrC and I pulled up at house #1. It was a duplex. We didn't realize it was a duplex when we put it on our list to go see. We really don't want uber close neighbors, but we were willing to look at it. We saw the realtor driving down the street, she slowed down, and kept driving. We sat there all types of confused. She texted MrC and told him to drive down the street to the next house. When we get to house #2 she said "that other one was a duplex? We aren't even going to waste our time there." Well alright then!

House #2 was small. I don't mind small at all because I can maximize space. The homeowner was there so she pointed out where everything was and said she was going to go sit in the backyard while we looked through the house. Our realtor sat down in the kitchen. No go 1: The house smelled like smoke. Not like somebody had just finished smoking. A deep nasty smoke meaning they had been smoking in there for 10 years. It was gross. No go 2: there was no central air. No go 3: We were too tall for the basement, which means it isn't livable space for us. We would be confined to entertaining guests in just the living room. Good point: there was a huge jacuzzi in the master bathroom. No go 4: it was green. A deep emerald green. I hate the color green. No go 5: even though they had 4 bedrooms set up (2 on the main level, 1 in the basement, and 1 in the attic) we would only be able to use 2. I am not going to buy a house that I can't stand up straight in.

We also didn't like Loudon Lane. The street was narrow and in disrepair. If we had a cookout, our guests would not be able to park comfortably on the street without the fear of returning to a missing side mirror. Also, folks were flying down that street and being rude. Not the place for Mr and Mrs Count.

Houses 3 and 4 tomorrow.


K. Rock said...

Love your hunting!! This is gonna be fun.

I agree with all your points. I could rent a duplex but when it comes time to purchase, I could never buy one.

goaldigger said...

just added your house hunting to my prayer list :) God Bless!!

Jameil said...


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