Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! And my daddy! And the President!

It's My Birthday!!!!!!! Happy 25th Birthday to me :)
30 Before 30

1.     Buy a house

2.    Have no school loans

3.    Have my early childhood education certification (this is what I'm going back to school for next year)

4.    Have at least two children

5.    Return to my pre-pregnancy weight within one year (I've seen my family in action. I need to set goals. I had a shorter time listed but somebody started judging me so I bumped it up to make them feel better about their weight)

6.    Take a cooking class

7.    Go to Hawaii

8.    Go on a group vacation with at least 2 other couples

9.    Have a spa day

10.  Go bungee jumping (And by bungee jumping, I mean don't mean a cliff or any of the super dangerous ones. I enjoy staying alive.)

11.  Swim with the dolphins (I have mixed feelings about playing with captured animals. I don't want to be the one they decide to get their aggression out on)

12.  Serve in  a soup kitchen

13.  Pay for a strangers groceries

14.  Have XX,000.00 in our savings account. (I don't know y'all like that, y'all might try to stick me for my paper)
15.  Become a  godmom (I've been on a campaign to become somebody's godmomma for the longest. I have a pregnant friend now, I've already started my plan!)

16.  Eat at every Mexican Restaurant in my town

17.  Host a family holiday meal with place settings

18.  Have eaten at at least 5 celebrity chef's restaurants
19.  Walk a really long race, but maybe not a marathon (I need help picking a length.)

20. Grow my hair to bra strap length

21.  Have clear skin (My skin needs to stop playing. I haven't had a clear day since I was 11.)

22.  Own all 12 seasons of "Murder She Wrote"

23. Go to a professional Ballet production

24. Go on another missions trip (I don't know if I want to do this by 30. We're going to have little babies and I don't know if I'll want to go overseas for 2 weeks)

25. Learn how to cross stitch and successfully make one item

26. Learn how to crochet and successfully make one item

27. Restore a piece of furniture

28. Have 5 filled prayer/praise/study journals

29.  Learn how to make dough from scratch (I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it is a disaster when I make dough)


The items in red I'm not sure I want to include on my 30 before 30 but I couldn't delete them because then I would need to come up with 4 more things instead of just 1.  As you can see, my list has only 29 items. I decided to let you guys pick #30. The person with the winning suggestion will get a prize!


unityfalls said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! enjoy your day

She Needs said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday!!!!!!!

Jameil said...

Happy Birthday!!
4) Wow! Good thing you have 5 kids!
5) DEAD!!! Callin people out like that! Love it. Was it originally 6 months? I think 9 months is realistic.
15) My godmom picked me like that and she's the best godmom EVER!!!
16) I LOVE THIS GOAL!! I would say every health inspection-approved Mexican restaurant.
19) I don't know if they let you walk anything beyond a 5k. Maybe one of those race for the cure charity-type events or the ones where they walk all night.
27) I so want to do this after reading Life in the Fun Lane.
30) Start a family tradition. You'll need that for your little babies!

For the record, I took some of my ideas from other people's lists!

Jameil said...

*I meant 5 years.

Jazz said...

happy birthday !!!!!
try for a 5k , I think its 3 miles or something like that . Its totally doable

laughing808 said...

Happy Birthday!

Nerd Girl said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!

*Ms,B* said...

Happy Belated Bornday hope you enjoy your day.

#30- Sponsor a child or two back to school supplies ... I guess my mind is still on Schoool supplies..

I just brought my son's and picked up an extra two bookbags one for a girl and one for a boy and purchase their stuff as well.

I plan to give them to his teacher at open house for someone who parents may not be able to afford to buy everything as a single mother I can understand the struggle.

My Motto : I've been blessed to be a blessing.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! I Love Birthdays! Great list!

#30 Random acts of kindness day. Buy someone homeless lunch, put money in someone elses meter. If you go through a toll pay the car behind you, Buy someone their favorite candy.etc. All of this can be done for about. $20


#30 compliment different people all day on how they look.
For example instead of I like that scarf say You look really pretty in that scarf. Instead of Great shoes! Wow you look so nice in those shoes.

Just a thought you'd be suprised how many people will appreciate the gesture!

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