Friday, August 13, 2010

You too can win!

I love magazines :) My obsession with magazines started in middle school, the entire top half of my locker was stocked with magazines. My classmates would come check them out like I was the library. Now I have shelves of magazines on our bookcase at home.  The other day I got my Cooking Light renewal letter and it said 2 for the price of 1. When I renew my subscription, I can gift a subscription to another person. Sooooooo, I want to give it to one of you guys.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite family tradition growing up and/or your favorite tradition you have with your own family. I don't know how I'll pick the winner. Maybe it'll be my favorite comment, or maybe it'll be the comment I decide I want to start in my own family. I guess I should be fair and do a drawing and pick a random winner. It's my blog, I'll do what I want. Maybe nobody will even want the subscription and I'll end up gifting it to my sister. We'll see. Winner announced Tuesday!

p.s. SimplyB- your comment from yesterday will be entered!


Wifey615 said...

one tradition; we always always have a huge family breakfast on Christmas day followed by a even more huge family dinner on Christmas evening.

goaldigger said...

A few years back, I, a single mom started this tradition in my household w/my 3 kids: seafood fest Fridays where I cook pretty much any seafood they like w/all the fixins and homemade tartar sauce and then it's understood that all night we watch a family movie and play board games, whether or not they have sleep over guests...scrabble, LIFE, Monopoly are faves and may be why all my kids read b4 school age and now have above average reading/math skills...sure cooking light may help me find more health conscious/creative ways to prepare our seafood :)

Anonymous said...

Growing up we had a Christmas tradition of getting a family/board game every year. Many lasted, many didn't. And most of the time if we are all at my moms, we will break out a game to play. I have now started the same tradition with my son.

Anonymous said...

One tradition that my parent and I had was "Wacky Wednesdays". That was the night that my mom chose to pull out all the leftovers from the last few days and make some new meal for dinner. After dinner, we either played a board game. I loved it and have started the same tradition in my household.

Jameil said...

My favorite Christmas traditions: opening 1 gift on Christmas Eve, opening them all on Christmas Eve (ROTFL!!), going to breakfast at my mom's best friend's house Christmas morning (we traded off houses every year), a huge extended family breakfast.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition: house hopping-- we had so many invites that we went to different families' houses. We never had too much leftover anything, just the best of the best that we brought home from each place.

Going to Mississippi (where my mom's from) every summer.

Visiting one of my mom's far away friends once a year. We would road trip 8-10 hours away and learn things along the way and when we got there about whatever historical attractions we could find.

Pizza every Friday after my mom cooked all week.

SimplyB said...

I love these traditions!! I can't wait until I can start a few of my own.

Another family tradition we have is praying the new year in. We all get together 5-10 minutes before the New Year and my father would pray over the family. Once he finished we would all jump up and say Happy New Year!!!

pserendipity said...

Family traditions for our whole family? Christmas EVE dinner featuring gumbo.

Family traditions for me and Tim? Whenever we eat, we set the table and turn off the TV. No one leaves till the last one finishes, and Aidan blesses the food. We learn a lot about each other that way.

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