Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramble the week out

My boss is back and she had a meeting with the lady that can't seem to get her work to me on time. Three people from our department met with her team. We'll see what happens. I have a file due today and I've yet to see it, so I'm about to send an email to check, even though she hasn't responded to what I sent her yesterday. Hmmmm, seems like business as usual. I hope she surprises me and does her work this month.
Update: She just sent me an email back. Today's report isn't ready yet. She's gonna call and figure out the hold up. Mmmmhmmmm
I've been learning more and more about faith, trust, and doubt this week. It's crazy and exciting. You can't grow unless you go through something and this time of growth has been amazing. A house in 2010 is definitely happening.
I have not gotten a proper nights sleep all week. Tonight I'm taking my butt to bed! Last night we went for a walk. We weren't paying attention and by the time it got dark, we still had 2 miles to go before we go home. We had to walk on the parkway like vagabonds. When we looked at our total mileage (there's an app for everything!) we had walked 6 miles during our almost 3 hour walk. We really need to pay more attention to where we're going!
My hair has been a mess this week, but my eyebrows are on point! I need to do a deep conditioning treatment and I'll probably keep it twisted all next week. I'm going to get my mom to order us some more hair products. I'm pretty sure I covered the bill the last 2 times. If anybody has some Kar.en's Body Bea.utiful or Qhe.met Bio.logics coupon codes, email them to me please!


Anonymous said...

I hear great things about KBB. I wasn't a big fan of Qhemet though.


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