Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living Room

**We're making great progress on the house, and it looks like by the end of June, we'll be in there. We're mailing back our loan papers today. Looking up interior design always lifts my mood so that's what I did today. And MrC came home to take me to lunch because he realized these hormones were playing games with me today. I'll leave out the part of random sobbing on my part and neither one of us could figure out what was wrong. I'm back in my right mind now and laughing at my random moment of emotional despair today.**

MrC said he'd like blue to be the featured color in our living room. That was a huge surprise to me because all the other times we talked about living rooms, we discussed a warm feeling like oranges and dark reds for that space. Our apartment has a burnt orange accent wall and all the other colors blend with that and I like it a lot, but I guess we're moving in a different direction for the house. I'm cool with him liking blue, so I've been looking up some pictures so he can tell me what he likes the most so I can design from there. If the living room is blue, we're going to have to make the whole downstairs play off this blue. I'm thinking a nice seaside oasis look, I hope he is too. 

I like the feel of this. The kitchen walls look a few shades lighter than the living room and it seems really calming. We have two entries to the living room and putting a molding around it would be nice. Wait, let me check my pictures and make sure there isn't something there already...ok, nope. My momma can help me put up the molding so we can be all fancy and stuff. 

This is a pretty blue, but I hope he doesn't pick a shade this dark, because it'll make the room look really small. We're going to have dark furniture (4 kids in our future, the first is a boy, it'd be foolish to buy light furniture!) so that would shrink the room even more. But seriously, why is there so much going on in this picture?

I really like this! I'm glad she has those dark brown pillows on the couch, because I could totally see the whole couch being that color and this room would still look inviting. I have two chairs that i need to cover that have a wood trim. I'd stain the wood dark like the legs on that table thing and then cover it in light color. A dark couch and dark tables would look lovely with that. And then I'd make two large floor pillows to go in front of our fire place that will be a nice pop of color! Maybe I'll add some of that pop to the lampshades too. I hope he likes this room the best, because it clearly has inspired me!

Like this! But with a dark table too. A couch is nowhere in our budget right now but when we're ready, I'll already have the exact design down. That's enough ideas for now. I'm going to show him the pictures this evening and see what he thinks. 


InnerDiva said...

I actually like the "busy" room and the last room. Our bedroom is brown and turquoise, so maybe that's why I'm drawn to that one. Congrats on the house! I'm excited for you guys.

Jameil said...

I love the color on the busy room, too! BUT yes, they have way too much going on.

CaliSlim said...

I really need to paint an decorate. I've lived in my house almost 4 years. It was new constrution, so I didn't HAVE to do anything... I just don't have knack for decorating tho!

June...so soon! Yay!

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