Saturday, May 21, 2011

They got me

Yesterday I had to go to work for a mandatory meeting. Since we've been going through so much with our client lately (you're fired, rehired for a year, maybe rehired for 5 more years) I didn't know what to expect from the meeting. My coworker came and picked me up because he didn't want me to have to drive out there and he lives right down the street. I got to work and was having fun talking to all my coworkers that I haven't seen in over a month but then I started getting suspicious. I hadn't seen the woman that organized the meeting, surely if she was flying in from the Midwest she would have been there 30 minutes before the meeting started. And I hadn't seen the pharmacists on our account yet. They're always on time, and they always come and speak, where were they? At 2 o'clock the 3 people that were in my office all of sudden had to go to the bathroom sooooooo bad. Then my boss came running in saying they were waiting for us upstairs to attend the meeting so we started walking toward the elevator. And then she oversold it. As we were walking down the hall she said "I have no idea what this meeting is even about," and then I realized I never got a meeting invite. Surely a meeting that featured the VP of our department and the COO of our company would have had a meeting invite! I turned the corner and saw all the presents and baby balloons. My coworkers were throwing me a surprise shower and they really got me. I figured that my work friends would get me something for Judah, but I was not expecting them to actually throw me a shower. If I wasn't so gangster, I would have cried. They menu was chips, cookies, brownies, and mini candy bars because they know I hate cake. It was delightful! There were even people there that I didn't even think knew my name and they took the time to get something for Judah. I had a lovely time and I'm truly grateful to have work friends that took the time to do something like that for me. 

After the festivities yesterday I had to go return something to Target, and MrC and I decided to just go ahead and get Judah's furniture because we had only seen it at one store and wanted to make sure we didn't miss out. We went to Burlington and the dude brought out the huge box and we were getting ready to pay. MrC was standing in the ridiculously long and slow moving line and I was sitting down eating cotton candy and a cheese pretzel. As I was sitting there having a grub fest, something just didn't feel right about the furniture. I still  liked it, but for some reason I didn't think we should buy it anymore. So I whispered, "God, go ahead and work this out." Wouldn't you know the sales person came running up to MrC saying he couldn't sell us the furniture anymore because it was the last set and somebody had it on layaway already. I have no idea why we weren't supposed to buy that furniture.

When we got home, MrC pointed out that our move out day is next Saturday. Yeahhhhh, in my head I thought I had 2 more weeks to pack things up. Thankfully my ma and MIL had already come and helped with most of the hard packing, so there isn't much left. If my dear sweet husband had time to do as he's told, we'd could be finished this packing thing today. But since MrC actually goes to work everyday, he has a lot less free time than I do and he's a lot less rested. Last night he fell asleep mouth hanging open, phone in hand, sitting upright in a chair. It's 8 hours later and I packed up 3 boxes, went to bed, got up, and typed this blog post and I'm still looking at him knocked out in that chair. I had to stop because I had the boxes on the bed and since he was asleep I couldn't get them off the bed since the were full. You know that saying "never wake a sleeping baby?" Yeah, I apply that to MrC. By Monday afternoon, everything except the moving of our big furniture should be complete and then my baby can rest until Judah gets here. 

I'm ready for breakfast and I need to start on my to do list for the day, talk to y'all sometime next week! Lawd, MrC just woke up. He's pumping his fists in the air chanting about how he's ready to tackle the day. Y'all pray for Judah, his parents are slightly strange. 


Jameil said...

Slightly. Mm. Okay. Yay for your coworkers!!! That's so sweet!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Your newest follower!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, they got you!! I love it when work showers are actually a pleasant surprise! Good luck as you guys make the last push to get everything packed!

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