Thursday, May 12, 2011

The thought that counts

Ok, I'm going to present 3 different gifts that Judah got at the shower. I'm not going to state my opinion or my reaction, but I want yours. Before I even get started, I'll say, we've been abundantly blessed by friends/family/e-friends/strangers. That table full of bags and boxes is what's at my parents house waiting for me to come wash and put in containers and that's what it looks like after we consolidated everything. We are grateful because we had nothing for Judah. Now we have almost everything we need and a lot of our wants too.

2011-04-17 20.59.52.jpg

Now, person #1 is one of my dads sisters. We sent her an invite to the shower, but she lives about 6 hours away and had no other reason to be in the area that weekend, so she obviously didn't come. My parents went down to her area last weekend for my cousins (not her child) college graduation. My aunt told my ma she had a gift for Judah because she really wanted to get a Thank You card since our picture was on it. Cool. She went into her wallet, and pulled out $1 and gave it to my mom. How would that make YOU feel? How would YOU respond?

Person #2 is one of my dads sisters too. She sent me a card for the baby shower. On the outside of the card is a rainbow and flowers and it reads "Hang in There" and the inside of the card reads "Things are bound to clear up soon." Yep, a sympathy card. Just a sympathy card. It didn't accompany a gift, or include anything else. How would that make YOU feel? How would YOU respond?


Person #3 is in either MrC or my immediate family member. Said person could probably be called a hoarder. This person always gives interesting gifts. Sometimes you end up delighted at the grab bag of things you get. Sometimes you sit around and try to figure out the rationale behind the gift. At the shower this person got Judah a "My First RandomCollege Tee" onesie. Neither MrC nor I went to this school. It's not a famous school. Nobody we know has ever attended this school. Everybody was baffled. We didn't open this gift at the shower, so it was just a few friends and family around when we saw this gift. This is how it went:

My best friend: *whispers* ummm, what college is that?
Me: *whispering* I have no idea. That's why I didn't pull it out at the shower, I knew it was going to be something odd.
Family Member: *baffled* did you go to that college?
Gift giver: No
Mr or Mrs C:*to the gift giver*  Where the heck did this random onesie come from?

I will not disclose which one of us said that, but it was the person directly related to gift giver. Feel free to guess which one of us was that rude (I swear if all of y'all pick me I'm going to paper cut you with my sympathy card.)

As I'm sitting here writing my thank you cards, those three what the heck moments popped in my head and made me laugh. If they happened to you, how would it make you feel? Have you ever had a WTH moment when opening gifts?


Jameil said...

HAHAHA! A girl in our program had a baby shower last weekend and me and a friend were talking about how awkward it can be to open gifts in front of the group. I love group gift openings! LOLOL
1) You're trying to make me curse. If you want a card, just ask for one but to think $1 even covers the cost of the card and stamp. For all that your mom could've have handed her a card when she was there. OR you could send a card saying, "Thank you for the contribution to Judah's college fund." Cheapskate. Ugh.
2) ROTFL!! A card does not receive a card in return. A card receives at most a phone call. "I'm fine. Why are you sending sympathy cards? Did your common sense die?"
3) It was your family and you said it. Try to cut me from the DMV. I'm not scared. BUT ROTFL @ that onesie! That is theeee best! You can say, "You win the award for most unique gift!" LOLOL

Anonymous said...

ERGH! Blogger ate my comment!!

MrsTDJ said...

Let's try this again. While pregnant, I was overly sensitive, so I might have responded with not so nice thank you cards. I like Jameil's answers and we kinda agree on #1. I'd write something like, "Thanks for contributing the first $1 bill to Judah's piggy bank."
#2 - I'd have to call her. Auntie, really??? A sympathy card? Perhaps she got confused and did not intend to send that card to you. If she did, then I got nothing in return. No thank you card for that one.
#3 - I chuckled at this one. I'm not offended or perplexed. You can never have too many onesies and I'm sure they bought it for a steal. Kids clothes have all kinds of randoms sayings, words, pics, etc. I'd write something like, Thanks for the onesie! We're arming ourselves with plenty because you can never have too many!"

And yup, I'm in the DMV but I'm gonna say it anyway. It was your relative and yup, you said it. *lol* I'm prepared for your wrath!

Nerd Girl said...

This made me laugh.

I'd put the $1 in a piggy bank and keep it moving.

Maybe she was responding to your multiple dr./hospital visits and was just trying to cheer you up?

Go random school!

I absolutely abhor opening gifts in front of people. My face is very...readable. I think most of our baby shower gifts were cool, but wedding gifts??? We got some strange things.

Disco Diva said...

This made me laugh out loud! Gotta love family!

CaliSlim said...

Please tell me you're making this stuff up. I sooooooo can NOT! LMAO!!!

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