Monday, May 9, 2011

I said June!

I spent my morning at Maternal Fetal Medicine and my afternoon at the hospital. It was the perfect way to spend this gorgeous 75 degree day, inside hooked up to monitors talking to Judah about obedience. 

I woke up not even wanting to go to the doctor or anywhere really. I was feeling so lackluster that I didn't even change out of my sleeping bra into a real one. I just wanted to go in, get tested, and be back home in 1.5 hours. Yeahhhhhh, nope! My appointment was at 8:30, they didn't see me until after 9 because their computers crashed and their first patient was really late. Then Judah decided he should just dance throughout the entire test. He danced, kicked, flipped, and would not do his breathing so we got a 6 out of 8 points on the biophysical profile. After that test I went into the back for the non stress test. If he passes at least one of the tests, I get to go home. Well Judah decided he didn't want to pass the non stress test either. He danced, he kicked, but his heart would not do the appropriate accelerations to pass the test. The nurse tried so hard to get him to pass, but this is MrC's child. If you try to agitate him, he will not give you the satisfaction of a reaction. The more they tried to harass him, the more he just sat there. They placed a buzzer to my belly, he didn't even jump. They shook my belly, he refused to be excited about it. It's funny because he never reacts when they try those methods, it makes him stop moving. I knew he was fine, he's just a chill fellow like his daddy. He'll move a lot but he does not like it when they try to force him to do things (MrC all the way.) In fact during the ultrasound the lady said "this is one of the most active babies I've ever seen." He also likes to rest his right foot on his forehead, but that's not really relevant to this story. 

Anyway, he didn't pass the non stress test either which meant we got a 6 out of 10 and had to go to the hospital for more monitoring. The nurse felt really bad, but it's not her fault Judah didn't want to cooperate today. They told me to head right over. Welllllll, I was hungry. If I was hungry, Judah was hungry. I don't play nice with others when I'm hungry, so I decided to eat before I went in order to avoid having to write another apology letter to a doctor. I went and got 2 oranges and a tuna sandwich and then went to the hospital. I couldn't risk being stuck there with no food and it was already 11:30. They hooked me up to the machines and then the nurse told me I could order lunch, so I ordered a cheeseburger and pasta salad for second lunch. MrC had to do site visits today for work and he couldn't come until he was finished. One of his sites was a chocolate factory! When he got there at 3, he had chinese food and chocolate. Our second try to pass the biophysical profile was at 3, so she came in to get set up and Judah passed with flying colors. He was doing his practice breaths the entire time. She wanted him to do a big movement for her so she decided to shake my belly -___- Ma'am my child does not respond to that! I got MrC to come over and talk to him "Judah, we're ready to go son, help your momma out and do your big movements." Judah heard daddy and proceeded to shimmy and shake and pass the test :) The doctor came in a while later and said she wanted me to do some more of the non stress test because she wanted more heart accelerations. I was hooked up for about 30 minutes and the nurse came running in. She snatched the cords out of the machine and said "You passed, get out, I've had enough of your baby today." I laughed so hard because I was beyond ready to go too! It was after 5 p.m. She told me to get dressed and run out, and I did! I did not want to stay another minute. 

Soooo, all is well. Judah is still fine, I'm still fine and I can continue to remind these dramatic doctors that Judah ain't coming until June!


Jameil said...

I.LOVE.JUDAH!!!! Tis all.

Ciiku said...

Happy to hear (read) that all is well with you and Judah.

SimplyB said...

Judah is definitely showing everyone who's the boss!

I said June!--I like that.

Nerd Girl said...

The world is not ready for the three of y'all!

I can't wait!!!

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