Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MrC and I were watching a bathroom renovation show on the DIY network last night and we started discussing having them come to our house to do some work. Our kitchen and yard are both huge, so they would be able to easily do fancy renovations there, but the bathrooms are too small for the fancy stuff they do on those shows.

Me: They'd have to extend the master bathroom in Judah's room in order to do a cool renovation for us.
MrC: Our bathroom doesn't touch Judah's room
Me: Yes it does
MrC: No it doesn't
Me: Yes it does
MrC: No it doesn't
Me: *I'm not doing this all night* Then what does it touch?
MrC: Not Judah's room
Me: *sigh, here we go* Yes it does, one wall is our bedroom, the other wall is the hallway, the other wall is Judah's room, the other wall is the front of the house
MrC: *pauses* No
Me: Then what does it touch!?
MrC: Not Judah's room
Me: Dude! Then tell me what the 4 walls touch! Do we have a 3 walled bathroom? Is it a triangle? Huh, say something logical!
MrC: *pauses (probably realizes he's wrong but he's too ornery to admit defeat)* Isn't there a window in the hallway? You walk up the stairs, turn right and Judah's room is on the left, then there's a window and our bedroom is on the right.
Me: THEN WHERE IS THE BATHROOM? Is it suspended in space? Hanging over the edge of the house? A triangle wedged mysteriously so it doesn't touch the room right next to it?
MrC: I don't think it touches Judah's room
Me: *I swear I could stab him right now. This is why I don't debate with him!* Then please tell me what it touches. I just told you that it did.There is no hall window, the window is in our bathroom. Because windows are normally on the outside walls of a house.
MrC: Are you sure?  Do you have a picture?
Me: I'm going to stab you

This is MrC's debate style: ignore all logic, never present anything logical of your own, and still maintain that you're right even when it's clear that you're not. And my style is to attempt to prove you wrong, succeed at proving you wrong, then threaten you with violence until you admit that you're wrong. I actually do have picture proving that I'm correct but I knew if I showed it to MrC then he still wouldn't agree with me, so I didn't waste my time showing him. I bet he will deny this conversation ever happened the next time we go into that house. I got the receipts! I'm going to pull this out next month and proceed to do a victory dance around the entire house.


Jameil said...

When I'm wrong... I am MrC. Yep. & I don't care. NEVER ADMIT DEFEAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! Does it have 3 walls? Is it suspended in space?? Love it! This sounds a convo that MrTDJ and I would have. I'd fall out laughing halfway through and he'd go even harder into illogical reasoning.

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