Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper cuts for 2

Dear Jameil and MrsTDJ,

I'm coming for you both. I would never, ever, ever say that to somebody about a gift! That was totally MrC. I don't know why people think I'm rude *bats eyelashes innocently* MrC is the out of control one. I have to silence his rudeness way more than he has to silence mine.

Oh and Nerd Girl, nice try on explaining that sympathy card. Auntie knows nothing of any of my doctor's visits. That mess was just trifling.


We packed up a lot of our apartment and put it in storage this weekend. For some reason, this place still looks full. My mom came over on Friday and did all the manual labor for me. MrC was working (he came and carried all the boxes/crates) but my mom filled them for me and I labeled and organized everything. She is awesome! Even when I tried to do stuff, she would just stare at me and demand I sit down. She also tried to give away half my stuff claiming I have too much. It has come to my attention that I don't know what "rest" means. My philosophy has always been "rest when the work is done." I've had to change that, it's been a learning experience. 

Why do people assume that because you're sharing information, you're complaining about it? I'm just telling you what's going on, I'm not complaining about it. Calm down with your lectures.

We washed all of Judah's clothes this weekend. Even though he has over 30 0-3 months onesies and about the same in 3-6 month clothes, he has no 6-9 month outfits. He has some 9-12, and even some for when he's older than that, but his 6-9 month bag is empty. For some reason I found that hilarious. I was also amused by the vastly different sizes of clothes that claimed to be for the same age/weight range. Some of those onesies I feel like i should just eat so he can put it on now because they look so tiny!

We spent the weekend at my parents house. I cannot handle my sister going out and not coming back in until 4:30 in the morning. MrC and I were both born old (I was born an old prude, he was born a slow old man) so we've never been "clubbers" but my sister goes out with her friend because the girls brother works at some club and they can get in free. I couldn't relax my brain to sleep knowing she wasn't in the house and it was raining outside and she probably had some alcohol. I ended up texting her asking if she was still alive a little before 4. When she confirmed that she was, I was able to start to settle into sleep. She came in and decided that she needed to tell me all about her night. Her friend had to spend the night because she was drunk. I guess I have to get used to this since we'll be living with them for a little while. I wonder if I can lock my sister in her room?

One of the things I love about my parents is that they've always had an open house. Our house was the hang out place when we were younger. Since we got married, MrC has fully embraced this "we are one" and he fully believes that my parents house is his house too, lol. Thankfully for him, my daddy always wanted a son, and MrC is the perfect suck up child for my dad. I wish y'all could have seen the way MrC was hyping up my dads deviled eggs, or heard how they were talking and laughing while watching bull riding. Mannnn, shut up. My daddy was eating it up too. MrC always makes faces at my sister and me as if he's saying "I got your daddy now suckas!" He's probably right, that man don't even love us no more. Anyway, .MrC always invites folks over my parents house. We go over there most Sunday's after church and whenever we're there and the doorbell rings, everybody always looks at MrC. It's ALWAYS one of his friends. MrC don't even be asking if he can invite people over he lives under this "I'm awesome, my friends are awesome, of course MrsC's parents want them over." One of his friends comes over almost every week and this dude talks so freaking much. Yesterday, he was on some super duper talkative stuff and he would not shut up. He talked my dad half to death  and my dad ended up going into his room to take a nap. He then talked MrC to sleep. Then he came upstairs with me, my ma, and my sister and talked to us for 2 hours. Y'all!!!!!! I love this dude dearly, and my momma likes him too (she's always trying to find him a girlfriend) but yesterday I wanted to tape his mouth shut. At one point some more of MrC's friends came over and dude realized he had a larger audience and he talked without a pause for about 15 minutes. My sister went and stood in front of him and just stared at him. When he asked what she was doing, she said "I can't believe it's possible for one person to talk this much, so I had to look and see how it's possible that you're doing this."

I told my momma she better give MrC some  daggon rules before he moves in or else this dude is going to take over their house. Shoot, he got too comfortable with my family over these past 8 years. 

Y'all know I'm joking right? I love that MrC is comfortable with my family and that my parents love him like a son so don't start with me! (But for real, these meal requests have got to stop. This fool requested stir fry and macaroni and cheese for dinner and my dad made it for him. What in the sam hill kind of random meal is that?)


Jameil said...

LOLOL I don't even know if I should believe you didn't say that. Au revoir apartment! Thanks mom! I'm awful at resting. Lecture lecture. I'm appalled by the different sizes. Really??? An 8 lb. baby is fatter in some parts of the world??? Who knew??? So odd! Let me tell you how much worse than my mom you sound about coming in late! By the time we graduated from undergrad, all she wanted to know was whether or not we were coming home. (Sometimes we'd stay at friends houses) And no, you may not lock her in her room! Re: Mr. C's friend, I died when you said your sister stood in front of him!! She's just as crazy as you!

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! Yeah, I'm with Jameil - we weren't there, ya know? We only have YOUR word that you didn't say it. **LOL** I love that he's that comfortable with my parents. My hubs is the same way with my family. I come from such a huge, dysfunctionally close family that I doubt I could have married someone that couldn't just jump in, be themselves and roll with the craziness.

Nerd Girl said...

I tried :)

Your family sounds awesome. I love it!!! You already know Mr. C is not going to have any rules imposed on him...

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