Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ain't this a doosey (doozey? dooz-e? doosie? doozie?)

My officemates and I sit and talk all day long. Three women in a room together probably wasn't the best idea. Well lately the talk of the office has been babies. CC's two sisters are pregnant and due within days of each other, and our other office mate just became a great- aunt (at 31!) yesterday. This morning I came in and this story happened. It's a story in a story, so please keep up folks.
CC: I have to tell you something. But I'll wait until you go get your breakfast, cuz you're gonna fall flat out.
Me: *ohhhh, she must be pregnant too! Oh no, then she would be crying, hmmm what is it*
CC: Ok you ready? So last night Renny (her 34 year old sister pregnant by her 24 year old boyfriend. They both live with her mother) and her boyfriend were sitting on the couch talking because they just found out the sex of the baby.
          Renny's Mom: So Boyfriend, are you excited about having a girl?
          Boyfriend: No, because I don't like girls.
          Renny's Mom: *shocked face* Well you should be excited because it's your first child.
          Boyfriend: No, Renny should be excited because it's Renny's first child. I have a child in Honduras...and another pregnant girl here that is due any day now
          Renny: *Shocked. Speechless. All of this is news to her*
          Renny's Mom: Renny, you handle this *walks away*
CC: So Renny and Boyfriend go to bed, and apparently Renny said to him, that he needs to let her know if he still wants to be with her or not. What kind of idiot is she? Doesn't she see that he is using her? My mom said he can't stay in her house, so she's kicking him out today since Renny is too stupid to do it.
Is that not completely crazy!? I want to put the disclaimer out there now, that MrC betta not ever tell me a story like that and then be stupid enough to fall asleep next to me. In fact, he should probably join the witness protection program if he wants to stay alive and with all his current body parts.


Anonymous said...

I had to actually read that conversation 3 times, as I was all kinds of confused. *lol* Now that I understand what went down, all I can do is shake my head. Wow! They say there's a fool born every second.

Nerd Girl said...

Wow! Dude sounds like he's trying to keep up with Lil Wayne! I can't believe the tomfoolery that some people are willing to endure for the sake of a "relationship." Geesh. Poor Renny. Poor baby!

pserendipity said...

And this is a lady that's going to raise a child. Have mercy.

TravelDiva said...

Ummm! WHAT?! DA HELL! Boyfriend would have been D.E.A.D right then and there. PERIOD. They way he would have went out of the house would have been in a body bag.

I'm done.

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