Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Four day weekend!

I had a lovely 4 day weekend :) My client was closed on Friday, so I "worked from home." Did you know that if your client isn't working, they won't send you any work? It's a beautiful thing, lol.
While I was working from home, I managed to go to Walmart, Target, Home Goods, Marshall's, Ross, BJ's, Harris Teeter, and Giant. It was a very productive day.
Saturday I was so tuckered out from my Friday, I did nothing but stay in the house and clean and rest.
Sunday I was working the nursery. Fifth sunday is always interesting because people seem to forget that they're on the schedule. I got there at 8:15. All of Children's Ministry prays together before service. Prayer wrapped up and I went to set up my room. My teen helper for the day came in and helped me set up. Around 8:45 (service starts at 9)I went down to check on my other room (I'm over the 0-24 months section, which is broken into two classrooms 0-14 months and 15-24 months) and I see a parent standing outside the door with his child. I went in the room and NOBODY was there. Since the baby section is on the other side of the church from all the other children's ministry classrooms, I had to close my class and tell them to send everybody under 24 months to the same class. I went in the sanctuary to see if I could find any workers. I couldn't find any nursery workers (we have to go through background checks, so I couldn't just grab random people).  Around 9:20 the first scheduled worker showed up and apologized for being late. We started calling folks and half of them were asleep so we politely asked them to get up and get to church. When people decided not to pick up the phone I left them messages like this: "you are on the schedule, you should have looked at it. I would fire you, but I need you today, so come on and get to church." We finally had both classrooms open around 9:30 and by 10:00 everybody showed up (except one lady who was in Ohio). Jameil and Rashan wrote me a song that I'm going to start singing on people's phones when I call them on Sunday mornings to wake them up. I bet they'll be on time after a few mornings of me singing to them.
We had a 4 person cookout at my parents house. I bought the food so this was the menu:
20 steak shishkabobs
20 shrimp shishkabobs
20 steaks
8 chicken breasts
macaroni and cheese
Yeahhhhh, I shop like I'm part of the Duggar family.
Monday my mommy came up and we went and saw "Just Wright." I liked it, but I kept trying to recast the movie in my head. I really think somebody else should have played Common's part. He did alright, but an actual actor would have been better (or at least somebody tall), I think. I couldn't figure out who I wanted to play that part. Can you think of anybody?
My mommy and I went to BJ's and stocked up so we could split some things. Since we live in an apartment, I can't always buy the big packages I like because we don't have space for it. My ma always makes fun of how I shop until I pointed out some things to her. I only buy laundry detergent twice a year. $30 for a years worth of Tide is a good deal. I buy that huge jug that's normally 17.99, but I get it on sale. The jug I got in January is almost gone, so I got another one yesterday at BJ's and it had a bonus 14 loads in it  which is a whole month of laundry for us, and I had a coupon! I buy my floor/counter cleaner in the big concentrated jugs and just dilute it as I need it. $2.50 a year for kitchen cleaner is a really good idea. I filled up some vials with concentrated cleaner for my mom so she could do it at her house too. I like when I can convince people to stop wasting money.
After I woke up from my nap yesterday I decided to be productive in the kitchen. I decided to try some things that were new to me, but old news to everybody else. I divided up the raw meats I bought  during my grocery store trip and seasoned them according the meals I was going to cook before freezing them. I now have a bag of ground turkey for stuffed peppers, a bag with 7 turkey burgers, pork carnitas, spicy pork carnitas, pork for pork fried rice with the veggies already measured and put in the bag too and our breakfast sausages in individual portion size bags. I feel so prepared! I also made a batch of granola that is so delicious. Real Simple had an article about freezing all your food flat so that it takes up less space and stacks easier. I'll take a picture when I get home, because it made the freezer look so neat! I was really proud, I felt like an old woman.
My sister is flying home tomorrow for a job interview! Everybody pray that she gets it!


Jameil said...

Getting out some pre-made frozen food on a day when you don't feel like cooking is such a joy!!! Our song is gonna be awesome!! 4 people & all that food??? Get it together!! Hope you froze some! :) Laying flat= awesome idea!! I'll wait for Just Wright on DVD. Lol.

Nerd Girl said...

Common is short? Get out! Guess I'll cross him off my list of potential mates if I am ever widowed.

I so wish we had a Home Goods.

Jameil, Rashan, TM, song. I feel the need to see this on YouTube. Thanks in advance!

SimplyB said...

Buy laundry detergent twice a year??? I only wish I could do that.

My coworker freezes EVERYTHING and he says that the trick is laying things flat. My Real Simple subscription is being held hostage by my ex-boyfriend!I shed a little tear each month.

I said a prayer for sis.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I feel so behind on your blog- my summer goal is to catch up! :-) LOL at shopping like that Duggar family...lol. Thy have like 1 million kids now right?


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