Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's shake some things up!

Last night MrC and I were looking at houses online last night. Throughout our whole house hunt there hasn't been one house that we both saw and liked and could even come close to affording. I'm much more finicky than MrC.
MrC doesn't want a condo and if it's a townhouse he only wants an end unit and he doesn't want to live on a busy street.
For me, the house has to have at least one of these three features: a front porch, a fire place, or a bay window. I really want to stay in our county, and I don't want to move more than one beltway exit away in either direction from where we are now . It has to be in a good public school district, even though we'll probably move again before our kids start school. There has to be street parking available in case we wanted to have a lot of company at once. Preferably within walking distance of a store/shopping center.
None of the things on my list matter to MrC, but because our pastor has so wisely taught him "happy wife, happy life" he is trying to not argue/debate with me as long as I have a good reason for everything I request. My list of desires is a lot longer than that short paragraph, but the other things aren't essentials, and I could still be happy without them (like my gas stove, a walk in closet, a garage, and a soaking tub).
Last  night we finally saw a house that we both liked. We both liked it so much that we actually saw ourselves buying a house. We even started taking steps to research how you buy a house. MrC sent texts to 2 young friends of ours that bought a house, 2 older friends, that are homeowners, and his sister (dumb move) to find out about their realtor/loan process/down payment information. We got a lot of good information from everybody (except his sister who can't answer simple questions, she's too smart for her own good) and found out that a deacon at our church is a realtor and she will help you out a lot, especially if you're young and starting out. She told our friends about so many programs and helped them apply and everything. I think this is the first time I've actually envisioned us going through with the process and not just talking about it. We aren't looking to move for another couple of months, so there's no guarantee that this house will be there but last night I really felt like God was encouraging us to keep looking and to not give up. The house He has for us is out there and when it's time, it will be ours.
MrC has also started applying for other jobs. It seems as though his company doesn't want to keep good workers. They spend so much money sending folks (yes plural) to rehab, but they won't pay the good workers they do have. So we'll see what happens with this job hunt.
Since we're anticipating so many changes over the next few months, MrC and I committed to praying together, out loud, every night before bedtime during the month of June. Hopefully we'll be able to make it a lifetime habit, but we have to start somewhere, so we started with this month. Last night was the perfect night to start  because Kisz4tj needed extra prayers and so did Travel Diva's daughter, Princess Cara. If you have some prayer requests, leave them in the comments or email me so we can include you too! We don't want our prayer time to be all about us!


Jameil said...

Please pray that I continue to grow spiritually, that I prosper professionally & personally and for peace for my friends dealing with deaths in their families. And you need to pray for an end to my selfishness because it's getting kind of ugly over here in some respects. Your house stuff = EXCITING!!!

pserendipity said...

Aw, ya'll are so sweet! While you're on your knees, shout out for me & Tim some jobs!! And I'm glad you're finally able to envision your dream. That's the next step in it coming true!

Serenity3-0 said...

I love that you both are equally yoked. I did the home buying process twice. People always say not to fall in love with any house until you have your financing settled and set up. When I was preparing to buy my house that I live in now, I got my finances straight first b/c I didn't want to be looking at houses that I didn't even have the funds for nor did I want to fall in love with a house and just be stuck. It worked out well for me. One thing that I learned in the process is that you may look at a house that asthetically is decorated, looks like you could just move in and go, but don't count out those houses that have the shell of what you want but are not asthetically pleasing. For instance, my house looked boring to me. All white walls, the carpet was an ugly color in the photos, etc. Once I stopped obsessing over homes that were already decorated, I started realizing how I could decorate my house myself and it would be all that I wanted. So that's what I did. I also firmly believe in writing the vision and making it plain. So I had an MLS listing of a home that I liked on my refrigerator and saw it everyday and it reminded me of my dream. Good luck!

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