Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Recap- no pictures yet

The wedding on Friday was lovely! I was so tired from all the running around I did, that I slept most of the day on Saturday. So many highlights from the wedding, but I don't have any pictures yet because I was too busy to take any and they haven't popped up on Facebook yet. Here's a brief recap:
Secret Agent:
Thursday night was supposed to be the bachelorette party. I was texting the stressed out bride and she was telling me she didn't want the party. I told her to cancel it, but she was too scared to hurt her friends feelings because they put work into it already. I'm one of those people that live by "what the bride wants, the bride gets." Brides don't have to do anything they don't want to do, which I told her over and over again. I decided to call the other bridesmaid and say "ohhh, we should check with Bride and make sure she's not too tired to have the party. We don't want to keep her up the night before. I don't think she's feeling well." So she called the bride and asked if she wanted to cancel. Two minutes later, I got an "I love you! You're the best!" text from the Bride for getting her out of that. I cancelled my bachelorette party too, so I could definitely relate.
Funniest Moment Ever:
One of the bridesmaids drew on a beauty mark. She was standing next to the MOH during the ceremony. The MOH turned around to look at her, did a double take and this happened:
MOH: "Oh! You have something on your face!" *licks finger, and proceeds to wipe off her beauty mark during the middle of the ceremony*
Thank God, I didn't see that happen, because I would have rolled down the aisle laughing.
My favorite moment:
The bride and I were sitting in the bridal room and she asked me to teach her about being married. MrC and I were the first of our close circle to get married, and they're the second. She asked me really intimate questions and we sat and whispered with each other and I answered them honestly. It was one of those bonding moments that make you really close. Now we're on to planning our couple vacations!
Trifling award:
Our friend was supposed to sing at the wedding. The wedding was supposed to start at 7. It didn't start until about 7:25. The singing heifer showed up at about 7:45. The ceremony was just about over. Now the next time somebody asks me why I don't really care for her, I'll bring up this event. {Now I can stop bringing up how she kept trying to make me lose my virg.inity in order to keep MrC even though he never said he was going anywhere.} {And how she RSVP'd for my bridal shower and didn't show up} {And how she RSVP'd for the Brides bridal shower and didn't show up}
I take it back:
I previously said that kids shouldn't be in weddings. Jameil pointed out that the rule is no kids under school age. I wasn't even convinced that school aged kids should be in weddings, but now I'll change my rule to kids 7 and up can be in the wedding. The girl that yelled "the bride is coming" was the cutest thing I've ever seen. She skipped, twirled, and waved her hands in the air the whole way down the aisle. Her parents should rent her out. Adorable!
Wedding crashers:
There were 3. One was a complete stranger. One was a cousin that wasn't invited. One was a crazy family friend that found out about the wedding on Facebook. I had to check her a few times. She was a helpful crazy lady though. She was helping them fold the chair covers at the end of the night:
CrazyLady: Come here baby girl and help me fold and count these.
Me: Yeah, ok, but I'm actually just going to walk away.
CrazyLady: Come here pretty girl and help me do this
Me: Well, I'm doing something for the bride right now. And I probably won't be coming back to help you.
Seriously? I didn't read that in my bridesmaid handbook that I had to break down the reception afterward. Especially when she paid those people good money to do it for her.
MrC's friends call me mean a lot. It really hurts my feelings, because I try to be really nice. I think they finally realized that I'm not mean, I just don't stand for being trifling or not keeping your word. If you are my friend, then I will darn near kill myself to make sure you have what you need. I was running around helping out with wedding stuff on Friday (cuz her wedding coordinator wasn't the best) and the guys finally realized that I was a pretty nice person, and that half the time, I'm joking. When I was lining everybody up to go into the reception (really? nobody knows that you enter the reception in the same order you went down the aisle? you didn't know that they read your name off, so you need to be in order? geez, watch some tv), one of the groomsmen was staring at me. I asked what was wrong. He was like, "nothing, your facial expressions are funny. But you should be an event planner, you're good at this, and you don't even get frustrated." I really thought people were going to be mad at me for taking over, but instead, they kept telling MrC how nice and sweet his wife was :) Something was wrong before the ceremony and they were all sitting there looking at each other because nobody knew where the coordinator was. One girl said "Let's just ask MrsC cuz she's probably the only one that will get it done." Five minutes later, it was done, with a smile, and no hurt feelings. I know the dudes were getting tired of me knocking on their door though. After a while, they would just say "come in MrsC" because they knew it was me. I liked the look of fear on their face the first few times I went in to tell them something. I think his friends thought I was going to yell at them because they hadn't done what I asked. I walked in, they all froze, and even the pastor looked at me like I was about to go off, I guess my facial expressions are really that serious. I smiled and politely reminded them they forgot to set up their band equipment and that the ceremony would start as soon as they were finished. I even held the door for them. Why? Because I'm not mean! I only yelled at them once in my life, and that was almost 2 years ago at my wedding rehearsal, get over it!


Jameil said...

Her parents should rent her out?? LOLOLOL. I really enjoyed this post even w/o the pics. I'm misunderstood sometimes, too! But I really can be mean. I just am not the one to take your crap & you'll know it the soon as you start some foolishness. Umm... who told that chick to hand out relationship advice? For real?? When has givin up the draws EVER kept ANYONE in a relationship, M/F/other!!?? Dummy. I can't wait to pick my married friend's brain (when it becomes appropriate)! How many kids were in your wedding?

Mrs Count said...

MrC's 7 year old niece was in the wedding, it was like her 5th wedding, and I knew she wouldn't act a fool. His 11 year old niece was a junior bridesmaid

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