Thursday, June 24, 2010

Answered Prayer...

MrC have been failing miserably at our pray together every night in June goal. I've still been getting your prayer requests in though :)
Anyway, we've had a few prayer requests answered lately, and it's been kind of cool. The first one was a few weeks ago. My car was making this awful grinding noise (it wasn't the brakes) and of course my dad, the king of doom and gloom, was all dramatic and acted like I was gonna die if I drove my car and told me it would be thousands of dollars to fix. Well we don't have thousands of dollars sitting around to fix a car, so I was praying about it. One night I had a dream. In my dream I was in the parking lot of my apartment complex and I was helping some angels fix my car. I was handing them the tools and they were working under the hood. My car hasn't made that noise since. They also seemed to fix my oil problem. We used to have to add oil to my car every week. Ever since my dream, we haven't had to add oil yet.
Prayer request 2: We've been talking for a few months about needing a bigger fish tank for our turtle, Marberry. He has been throwing tantrums lately because he is getting too big for the tank. One day I'm convinced we had a show down. I went over to talk to him (I told MrC I need a dog for when he goes out of town. I get crazy in that house by myself) and he was sitting on his floating island. When I came over, he jumped off the island and, of course, hit his head on the side of the tank. This crazy turtle looked at me, and then started tearing up everything in the tank. He pulled the dock off the side, he flipped over his underwater shelter, attacked the filter, and started flinging rocks at me. I was standing there looking at him and then he came up to the front of the tank and just swam there looking me in the eye. Y'all, I think Marberry was cussing me out. Anyway, we were looking around for tanks for him, but we weren't trying to spend a lot of money. The week before last, I prayed about it. Last Saturday when we came home from the movies, I looked over at the dumpster and I see a huge fish tank. Of course my doubting Thomas husband gave me 52 1/2 reasons why he wasn't about to get that tank from the dumpster. I was tired and cranky, so we actually got in an argument over the dang tank. When I woke up from my nap, he had the tank on the patio :) I'm sure it was me hollering, "see, God answers our prayers and you won't even accept it!" that made the difference, lol. MrC filled it with water on the patio to make sure there were no leaks in the tank and put Marberry out there in it. I must say, he is really enjoying having a long tank! MrC put the same fish that he's been trying to catch and eat in his small tank for months, and within the hour, Marberry was able to catch and eat them! Now I'm praying for a stand for the tank :)
So what about y'all? Any answered prayers lately that you feel like sharing?


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I loved this post. First the fact that God is answering prayer and I need to get with the program and get back to prayer. 2nd that turle story was HILArious!! Too funny!! I have a turtle and I can relate.

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