Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stir Fry Week: Tuesday

This stir fry used the same sauce as yesterday, but I used rice and shrimp with my Giant brand stir fry mix. MrC has decided that adding the sesame oil to the sauce is what makes this stir fry sauce so good. I'm gonna use a different sauce tomorrow so we can have a taste test.

Do any of you use frozen veggies in your cooking? As you can see, I love them! The bags I get are $1.50. The big freezer bag holds about 4 bags of veggies ($6). It's cheaper than buying all the veggies in the stir fry mix separately and it sure saves a lot of time. Yesterday I bought the sliced red, green, and yellow peppers and a diced onion and green pepper mix too. I saw they had a bag of chopped onions for $1, which I should have gotten since I hate chopping onions. Anyway, have any frozen veggie mixes that you like? Any particular brands that you enjoy? 


Jazz said...

Its a frozen mix , with pasta , corn , and broccoli I really like. Throw some chicken strips in it , and microwave it , and its a really good lunch or dinner.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy any prepared mixes with meats, pastas, veggies all included. I prefer to make my own. The bags of frozen veggies from Trader Joes are fantastic friends of mine. Fajita sttyle - peppers and onions, Chines style - baby corn, water chestnuts, etc. And they are pretty cheap.

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