Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm back :) And feeling so much better. Dear Jameil, don't hate on my 3 minutes of inspiration. Here's 3 more. I was in the middle of typing that post and the VP came and said:
Her: I have good news and bad news for you.
Me: Okkkkkk
Her: I went through half my closet and I have some clothes for you (last week I convinced her she was too fly for her wardrobe and she should give it to me)
Me: Okkkkkkkk
Her: And the bad news is, you're losing your office. You can have the cube next to CreepyStalkerGuy or the cube RightInFrontOfBossLady.
Me: Okkkkk, I choose Boss Lady.
Her: I'm sorry. I hate to put you out of your office, but Girl is changing posititions and she needs 2 cubes or an office.
Me: It's ok
But I was kind of upset. On a normal day it wouldn't have upset me as much, but since I was already trying to adjust my attitude, this just made it that much harder. A few hours later I was sitting in my boss' office chit chatting and VP came in and said, "great news! You don't have to move now. She's going to take the cube next to CreepyStalkerGuy." I had the biggest smile on my face. Then to further enjoy my day, I called MrC who has no voice. The sound of him trying to answer the phone made me fall out in laughter. I laughed so long he hung up on me. It was truly an enjoyable time. I plan to spend the evening laughing, and singing, and being super loud at home just because I know he'll try and tell me to be quiet. We're also going to the grand opening of the Hobby Lobby store tonight. Why? Because it's new and I've never been to one before.
(Note: I'm not an evil wife. I made some soup and I bought special throat tea and local honey for MrC too.)


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