Thursday, October 14, 2010

House Hunting: What a surprise!

The last house we went to see was "cute." It seemed like it would be a cozy home. It is a corner lot. There's a pathway from the street to the front door, and from the driveway to the front door. There's no garage, but since I'm allergic to grass, I certainly appreciate the paved walkways. It's a very simple looking home. Very unassuming, which is a good thing. This house is located in the same neighborhood as the last two houses. It's in walking distance of a small shopping center. If you know me, you know that makes me giddy!
This is the side view of the front yard. Yeahhh, give me about a month to kill these pretty plants. I would definitely have to befriend an old lady and get her to help me out with this. Actually, I want to do that anyway, this just gives me an excuse. I want a nice old lady in the neighborhood that will bake us treats and make us soup when we're sick. And we'll help her get things from the store, and MrC will bring her groceries in and cut her grass. And I'll call her Gramma FirstName. And when we have kids she will come over and share parenting tips with me. (Wow, I actually cried writing this. I never had a nice grandma, I feel like I'm missing out.) Moving on!
This is the shed on the opposite end of the property, it's at the end of the garage. If we wanted, we could put a garage here. I think there was enough space. Want to know something strange about me? I love when people have seasonal flags outside of their homes. MrC thinks I'm an old white woman trapped in this sexy black woman's body, lol. I would totally hang flags to go with the seasons/holidays.
I messed up the picture order. This is the kitchen. There is an 8 foot pantry. I know it's 8 feet because the homeowner had cute pink cards accenting the features of her home. I thought that was nifty. The bright light on the right is from the sliding door that leads to the deck in the backyard. There is a doggy door already installed too. She had a round kitchen table and a china cabinet in the kitchen and there was still space. We'd have to paint the kitchen, that border is not my style!

I like that there is a double sink. I really miss that living in the apartment. Then I won't have to fuss when I'm ready to fix dinner and *somebody* hasn't done the dishes. Can you see the wood piece hanging from the cabinet to the left of the stove? It's a knife rack! How cute. We'd never seen anything like that before. Eventually we would upgrade the appliances and counter top, but that would be an "as I find awesome deals" project.

This is the living room. It's what you see as soon as you walk in the front door. Two huge windows that have shades that I was going to try to describe, but I don't know how. You know how if you raise your blinds, they're all bunched together at the top? Well you can do that up or down. She had them all bunched down at the bottom. I don't know if that makes sense, but they were cool.

This is the hall bathroom. It's a full bath with a tub. There's also a heat lamp. I'm sure during the winter MrC will find me sitting in there under the heat lamp

Master closet. I was so excited by this I screamed. A 12 foot walk in closet. My God in heaven, I did not expect this. When I screamed, the realtor came running, and then she screamed too. MrC just shook his head at the two crazy women. The master is a pretty good size and it has an attached bathroom. I don't know if we'd be able to have a king sized bed in there, I'd have to sit and plan it out.

Second upstairs bedroom. She has a queen size bed in there, we have no need of that large of a bed in that room. It would certainly be a wonderful nursery. I like that the bedrooms aren't right next to each other. The walk in and the large hall closet separate the rooms. Speaking of the large hall closet- bulk shopping! Now I don't have to be afraid of the 36 pack of tissue. The thought of having enough space to do everything I want to do makes me smile.

Basement full bathroom. It's quite large. There is a bedroom downstairs that we would set up as the guest bedroom/my craft room. I forgot to take a picture of that room.

Laundry room. It's really big, probably the size of our dining room now (the lady that owns the house sews, she has a ton of clothes). She had a separate storage room in the basement, so this room would be the laundry room/ play room for the kids. We'd put up drywall and stuff eventually.

The family room. She had a wall of cabinets that are staying. We'd move those cabinets into the laundry room, we don't have that much stuff.
The other side of the basement family room. You know how some people have mini bars or carts with whisky and scotch and cute little bar cups? Well I want a tea bar. A cart on wheels with my porcelain tea set on a pretty tray for when we have quests. When we have somebody staying in the guest room we'll have it outside their door with breakfast on it when they wake up. When we're entertaining we'll wind down the night with a cup of tea. Y'all had no idea I was this strange, did you?

The left side of the backyard. It's super private. Not only is it fenced in, there is ivy growing along the fence which is actually quite pretty. I have a fear of ivy growing on houses, so I hope it doesn't creep me out in the backyard. See that wooden glider chair? It's staying! Is that not the cutest thing ever? Look down, that white stuff is a beautiful stone patio. I picture us sitting out there many a night eating dinner from the grill.

There's a deck in the middle of the backyard, and this is the right side. The homeowner has this side gated off for her dog to roam free, so he doesn't mess up the pretty side. Great thinking. We'd put our grill over there too, it's a good location.

This is her garden. It's outside of the fence, behind the shed. Maybe my new Gramma FirstName can help me with my garden too!

This house isn't a forever house, but it may be a great starter house.

What do y'all think. Of the 5 houses I've posted, which one do you think we're going to put an offer on? Do you think we're going to walk away from all of them? Is this enough suspense for you Jameil?


laughing808 said...

I think this one has won you over and you will convince MrC to like it as much as you and yall will put in an offer.

Jameil said...

Yes! Enough suspense! Even tho this is clearly the only possible option! Dead @ MrC thinks I'm an old white woman trapped in this sexy black woman's body! Lololol! I like the idea of you having a little old lady! And I will sooo be a guest if it means breakfast waiting outside my door!

K. Rock said...

You are funny. I love your ideas about having a neighborhood grandma and a little tea cart.

I like this one the most but mainly because you are so excited about it. Next would be the almost perfection house.

Nerd Girl said...

How have I missed all these house posts??? I like this one! A lot.

The joys of buying toilet paper in bulk are almost too numerous to count :)

And I think the idea of ending the day with a cup of tea is genius!

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