Wednesday, October 13, 2010

House Hunting: Too many guests (human and otherwise)

This house has a lovely front porch. I can see myself sitting on the front porch in my rocking chair being nosey. Approximately 7 adults and 1 child live here. They are doing too much. They also allow the little girl to write on the walls all willy nilly, so we would have to paint immediately.

The kitchen was lovely! It was a very nice size.

I would take out that teeny island and table and put in a much larger island with seating. I would be rocking and rolling then! I don't think this kitchen had a pantry, which I really want.
This is the formal dining room. I wanted to take more pictures but 5 adults staring at me, I got a little uncomfortable.

This is supposed to be the family room in the basement, but they're using it as a bedroom. They had 2 bedrooms and a laundry room set up in the basement. Upstairs there were 3 bedrooms. One door was locked so we couldn't even look in it. They also had roaches. The master closet was the same size as what we have now. Deal breaker.


Jameil said...

These people don't have a realtor to tell them to clean up before they show??? I mean come on! 2nd house! Fail.

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