Thursday, October 14, 2010

House Hunting: Almost Perfection

We almost didn't go inside this house. There is no backyard. There is a deck and then woods. If we had a barbecue, it would be a deck barbecue. No place for a swing set for the kids, and no place for dogs to run. The inside would have to be super awesome to make up for that. There was a driveway where we could park side by side. That's a lovely convenience, but no garage.

Do you see this kitchen? It's huge! Why that have that baby island still in there is beyond me. I would promptly replace it with a large island. It would be the first thing I do.

This is the living room. What a pretty fireplace! There is also a half bath on this floor. I love the hardwood floors. The paint is fresh and a nice neutral color.

Upstairs were 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There was bamboo floors up there. LOVE IT! I loathe carpet. Especially because I live with somebody that doesn't believe in using napkins. He also overfills his cereal bowl and walks across the carpet dripping milk. Resolve and I are great friends, it's a friendship I hope to sever one day. Sweeping and swiffering are much easier. MrC looks like he's running away in this picture. It made me laugh.

Master bathroom. Doesn't need any work, and it's a pretty nice size. The closet in this room is slightly bigger than what we have now.
The basement was just as impressive as the rest of the house. There was a room with surround sound built in, and a room with built in shelving, and a laundry room with a work space.

These are the built in shelves. This would be my library/craft room. MrC would have free reign over the other side of the basement. We'd probably put in some sort of doors so we could dwell together, yet separate.

We LOVED this house. We liked every thing- except the back yard, or lack thereof. Absolutely nothing needed to be done. The only thing I would even like to do is change the kitchen island. What an easy move.

The inside of this house is awesome. Is the awesomeness of the inside enough to overlook the lack of a backyard?

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