Tuesday, October 12, 2010

House Hunting: Please Clean Up

This is the first house we went to see on Friday. It also has a garage, but I couldn't get it in the picture. It's 2 streets over from where we live now, so I know the school district is good. We frequently walk on that street and I see the kids riding bikes and all playing together. The yard is a very good size.
Right when you walk in, there is a step down into the "basement." It consists of this room, a bedroom, and a full bath.

This is the kitchen (duh). I love the cabinets! They were dirty, but with a coat of paint, I'd have an amazing kitchen! There's also a table and a small pantry. The kitchen is a good size, but it wouldn't work for an island seating/prep station.
This is the rest of the main floor. The formal dining room and the living room. The hardwood floors are original and looked really good.

There were 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bathrooms. Each bedroom looked like this. Aint that filthy? Anyway, the master had 2 closets, one walk in and one regular- which I loved! There was mold in all the bathrooms though.


Jameil said...

SERIOUSLY??? If y'all get that house, clearly you need to get a cleaning crew in with the closing costs!! Not cool. The cabinets are gorg!

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