Friday, October 8, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Not only is it a 3 day weekend, it's my wedding anniversary weekend! Whoooohooooooo! For once I actually have weekend plans. Today we're going house hunting again. Get ready for all the pictures next week, and I won't ruin it by telling which ones we liked this time. Tomorrow Psonya and Tim are getting married, but unfortunately I won't be there :( But I'll be wishing them a successful, prosperous marriage while I'm on a double date :) We're going to a farm tomorrow with another couple friend of ours. We don't have any plans for Sunday, I don't think. Monday is our actual 2 year anniversary. Fortunately for me, it's spa week, so I'm getting a message. Oh how wonderful! MrC is in charge of picking what else we do that day and I hope he realizes that we need to eat. I *may* make him breakfast in bed, we'll see.
What about you guys? Any weekend plans?


Jameil said...

Awwww! Yay!! Happy early anniversary!!

cyn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! <3

This One Woman said...

I am so late but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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