Wednesday, October 13, 2010

House Hunting: Brown Carpets and Smoke

MrC likes this neighborhood better than yesterday's house. This house has a garage too, which is always good. The front yard is huge, but the backyard is awkwardly shaped, but still a nice size.

Walking in the living room had this cool fireplace. A really cool wallpaper and this would be a lovely focal point for the room. There is hideous but very plush dark brown carpet. The house smelled like smoke to the point where I had a headache when we left. That means the carpet would have to go immediately and the walls would have to be painted.

The kitchen was kind of small, and I don't like the back splash. Actually, now that I look at this picture, I don't like this kitchen. It's ugly and dark and dated.
Yeahhhhhh, about this pink bathroom. It's nauseatingly ugly. My momma told me about this man that does a treatment over ugly tiles and makes them a pretty color. The tub is also pink, so that would need to be fixed too.

This is the basement. The laundry room is down here. This would be the man cave because I have no intention of hanging out down there. It's dark and dreary. And MrC found a dead mouse in the closet.

The location on this house was the best of all that we looked at Friday. They say location, location, location in terms of real estate. But I don't know about this one.


Jameil said...

LAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!! Does your realtor want to make a sale???

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