Monday, February 14, 2011

Fwd: House Hunting: The Finale part 4

Bedrooms were a huge part of deciding on a house. The last house we wanted to make an offer on only had 2 bedrooms upstairs and then I found out I was pregnant the day we were going to put our offer down. After that,we established that any house we look at has to have at least 3 bedrooms on the same level. Another thing that I knew early on was that closets are important to me. I've outgrown the closet here and now I have clothes hanging on the doors.  

House #1 has 3 bedrooms (the first 4 pictures). It's a split level house so when you walk in you walk into the burgundy living room/kitchen room and then upstairs to the bedrooms. At the top of the stairs to the left is the linen closet and a full bathroom. To the right of the steps is the room we'd make the guest bedroom (first picture). Straight ahead would be the baby's room and to the left of that would be our bedroom. The rooms in this house are small and the carpets are filthy (cleaning is not a priority for them). I don't know if the walls need to be painted or just washed. I guess we wouldn't know until they cleared out all their crap. The master bedroom only has one closet and it's not bigger than what we have now. Working out a clothes situation might lead to a family war. They did make the shower very pretty! 

House #2 has 4 bedrooms (these pictures are in random order). In this house you walk into the main level and then walk upstairs to the 4 bedrooms. At the top of the stairs to the left is the room we'd use as an office/tv room. Right next to that is a full bath with a small linen closet. The lime green room with pink carpeting would be the guest room, it'd also be immediately painted! In the hall is a really big shelved closet. My label maker and I would have a lot of fun assigning storage areas.The teal room would be the baby's room. The carpet is still nice in this room so we'd just need to paint and get a door (according to MrC, baby's don't need doors on their rooms. So I'd be getting a door for my baby's room.) The master bedroom is a nice size, I just couldn't get a good picture because she had an exercise bench in the middle of the floor. There are 2 closets in this room and they're bigger than what we have now. I just realized both master bathrooms have windows! Yay for some natural light. This master bath is the same size as house #1, but without any bells or whistles. 

So, which house would you pick? Which house do you think we picked? We put in our offer today!


Jameil said...

House no. 1 is killing me with the messiness!! My word! Did someone hold them at gunpoint & force them to show their house that day?? I think you picked house no. 2.

unityfalls said...

I don't know but my prayer has been for you two to find the perfect house. Congratulations!

Nerd Girl said...

I think you picked house number two.

I'm with Jameil - I cannot get over how very messy house number one is! I understand lived in, and I'm not stickler for absolute tidiness, but I cannot believe they would show a house that is so obviously junky. I need them to do better.

This has been fun - thanks for taking us along as you, The Count, and baby Count shop for your first house!

Jazz said...

I am so mad at house #1 for not cleaning up before yall came. I am not the neatest person but if I know Im trying to SELL my house it would be clean. I think you picked house #2 . SN I actually like the lime green walls , hated the carpet though.

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